Terrible Sketches: NC Comic Con 2011

Since we live close to each other and most of the people who actually draw our comics are off in Foreign Lands like California or Montana, Chad and I tend to do conventions together. As a result, people see two guys sitting behind a table with a bunch of comics in front of them, and (with good reason) always assume that one of us is an artist. We used to get asked for sketches a lot, and when we got tired of explaining that we’re artists, we just went ahead and put up signs saying we’d do TERRIBLE SKETCHES – $1. I think it might’ve been Ken Lowery’s idea to try monetizing it.

For whatever reason, people keep taking us up on it, so here are the sketches I drew this year at the NC Comic Con!









Occasionally people — usually girls, oddly enough — will want me to draw pictures of themselves, which is always awkward because I have to explain that no, I don’t think they actually look like that:





Chad’s are actually a lot better — as hard as that may be to believe!

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