Thanos! The Ultimate Nihilist!

Your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy for this week:




But alas…


(Click for a larger, somehow more awesome image)


Here’s something you might not know about Thanos: Sometimes, he rolls around in a helicopter with his own name painted on the side.


All panels from Spidey Super Stories #39, which concludes with Thanos being taken into custody by two uniformed policemen in what is the most beautiful denoument ever written.

31 thoughts on “Thanos! The Ultimate Nihilist!

  1. Bah! The Thanopter is only good for picking up the chicks.

    The dead, cloaked skeleton ones.

    After it’s served that purpose, it is nothing. Like all else in this universe. Nothing.

  2. Wow, and I thought it was embarrassing when Thanos was defeated by Squirrel Girl.

  3. Sure, you laugh, but think of the favor Thanos did humanity. Can you imagine what havoc that kid would probably wreak if he’d started playing with the Cosmic Cube?

  4. What you can’t tell from that first panel, is that Thanos already had the Cosmic Cube. He was actually mugging the kid for his sweet hat…

  5. Methinks that’s The Cat (aka Tigra before she became Tigra) who dropped the cube. I don’t think Hellcat’s name would be considered kosher for a Spidey Super Story.

  6. HECK YES! The Thanos Copter! The entire run of Spidey Super-Stories was worth it to get the image of Thanos in a helicopter with his name on the side – it’s utter brilliance in a single panel. The first time I saw that issue (oh about 5 years ago) I wanted a poster of Thanos in his Copter hanging on my wall.

    And that is “The Cat” in the story and not “Hellcat”. I imagine the Marvel comics building would have been swarmed by angry PBS executives had they used “Hellcat” in their Electric Company tie-in comic book. And the PBS guys might have let loose the angry muppets to eviscerate the Marvel staff [shudder]…

  7. No crying over spilled milk… or losing the powerful object that shape reality…

    Does the Thanos Copter suggest that Thanos was Trump before we had a Trump?

  8. PBS wasn’t freaked out that The Cat’s costume logo is a hand reaching up from her belt to her chest?

  9. Dig the George Jetson flavored clown copter that Thanos is rockin’. The most gangsta part about the whole scenario is his name on the tail!

  10. Dang it, I really hoped it was Patsy Walker. The “Hell-” part didn’t even occur to me.

    Yeah, I’m never having kids.

  11. Marvel would make a mint off of Essential Spidey Super Stories. Probably a licensing issue with the former Children’s Television Workshop (now Sesame Workshop, though I don’t know why they don’t just call it Elmo Workshop and get it over with), though.

  12. How did the Thanos Copter not make an appearance in Annihilation? And why doesn’t anyone say drat anymore? Let’s bring it back.

  13. let’s see, go after Thanos or maybe, just maybe, go back and retrieve one of the most powerful objects in the Marvel U before some weirdo freak alters time and space? hmmm… Thanos it is!

  14. I’m imagining the Cosmic Cube hitting the ground with a little, teeny, poignantly ironic *plink*.

    Then a cat comes up, snifs curiously, and bats it into a storm drain.

  15. Yeah, Ironicly fitting.

    Then one of an estimated 1 billion sewer dwelling freaks and monstrosities finds it.

    Next thing you know its “Muck monster super stories”.

  16. ” I don’t think Hellcat’s name would be considered kosher for a Spidey Super Story.”

    It was Hellcat, but she was renamed “GoshCat.”

  17. It was hard enough putting Thanos in custody, but now the cops have to get Darkseid, Apocalypse, Imperiex, and the Anti-Monitor for the police line-up.

  18. AND they need an officer who fits to general profile to ensure witness reliability.

    Man that must be a tough job.