The 100% Factual Adventures of Abraham Lincoln

In honor of President’s Day, a segment of history that was sadly left out of even the most detailed histories of our Sixteenth President:





Hang on a second, let me double-check here… Herbie? Fighting a bear? With Abraham Lincoln? I think it’s official: Herbie #11 is the greatest comic book of all time.

31 thoughts on “The 100% Factual Adventures of Abraham Lincoln

  1. And you don’t WANNA know what the Railsplitter did to the Redcoats and the forest fire while Herbie was taking care of the others!

  2. The whispering statue, for some reason, makes me think of that “Kirk… Help me, Kirk…” episode of the old Star Trek, where the evil genius who was also supposedly an impressionist or ventriloquist or something tricked Kirk into an ambush with Genghis Khan.

  3. The rattler, the bear and the forest fire I can understand, but really Abe, Redcoats? Like 80 years after the Revolution? That’s just lettin’ your guard down, dude.

  4. I love Herbie posts as much as anyone who can’t afford to buy the collections yet, but I think Sterling or Church or someone beat you to posting this one already…

    I know I saw it somewhere already anyway…

  5. Honestly, I’m just glad Herbie wasn’t the one to kill Lincoln with a cherry lollipop to the back of the head.

  6. @ darth krzysztof:

    “Bring it, boy. I’m gonna emancipate your teeth.”

    Perhaps the most important words ever spoken in comics.

  7. “Like Lincoln’d need help from Herbie.”

    Well of course he doesn’t. That’s why he’s embarrassed in that second panel, but when Herbie shows up to help you can’t refuse him. The repercussions of doing that are too terrible to comprehend.

  8. Also, Lincoln’s statue whispering really makes me lose my shit. The rest of it is pretty well par for Herbie’s course.

  9. That isn’t a statue.

    It’s Abe. Herbie helped him with his cover so as to maintain a view of Washington politics.

  10. Also, if Dark Horse could tie that issue of the Umbrella Academy where they fight Lincoln in to Herbie, that would be awesome. I’m just saying.

  11. “Bring it, boy. I’m gonna emancipate your teeth.”

    Perhaps the most important words ever spoken in comics.

    If anyone doubts that Benito Cereno is one of the finest young writers of our generation, that sentence is all you need to say to remind them.

  12. “Herbie’s lollipop > Thor’s hammer”

    Goes without saying, really.

    The world needs more Herbie. Better yet, a Herbie/Flaming Carrot crossover.