42 thoughts on “The Abyss Gazes Also

  1. There’s a basement full of Jugheads on the next page; presumably, Chris didn’t have enough bandwidth for it.

  2. my girlfriend doesn’t understand why i’m cracking up right now and i can’t possibly explain it to her…
    “see, his name’s rorschach, and he’s crazy, and… ah, screw it”

  3. What Palette said.

    Maybe I’m just not enough of an Archie fanboy, but I just read “The Watchmen” again last month, so I know I’m not missing that half of the joke.

    Or maybe I need narcotics…

  4. The most disturbing thing of all is that this breaks my brain slightly LESS than “Archie Meets the Punisher”.

  5. This is the best thing I have ever seen on the ISB. (and one of the best things I have ever seen on the internet).

  6. This was okay. When you have raied the bar as high as Chris has in the past (i.e.: Solomon Stone Chronicles) its hard to see this as a milestone. No disrespect, Chris. Merely a challenge for future greatness. Love your weekly reviews!

  7. Those of you who do not like or do not get this are simply philistines.

    I am left weeping, wondering how much different and possibly better my life would have been if Alan Moore had written an Archie comic with Dan DeCarlo art.

  8. I just don’t “get” all the Archie love. That comic is for tweeners and has never been funny, except unintentionally.

  9. Ilan, surely the point there is that Archie is lying about what he sees. Just like in the original.

  10. This is brilliant. And perfect after I was flipping through some of those creepy Christian Archie comics earlier today.

  11. mightygodking, is that the comedian in the foreground there?

    “Someone popped a comedian last night…”

    Also – Chris? Nice one. More.

  12. Chris, this one floored me. Thank you.

    And… Dilton Doiley is Ozymandias. (Though I loved the Jughead spoof at electricsportsbra.)

  13. heh, don’t know if you’ve ever been to my site or not but this old spoof i did fits this perfectly:

    That was fantastic.

    You’re a couple months late on this one, Sims.

    Darn it, MGK, if it wasn’t for Campbell, I’d totally have you pegged as a nemesis.

  14. thanks man! And really I want to make sure there was absolutely no disrespect or Todd Goldman-ism intended.

    Maybe Alan Moore isn’t far off with his whole vast “Creative Unconsciousness” thing. But with “Knock Knock Batman Calling”…YOU WIN. *L*

  15. Darn it, MGK, if it wasn’t for Campbell, I’d totally have you pegged as a nemesis.

    Dude, I honestly have no idea why you don’t come join the carefully metred doses of fun at Improved Archie. Unless you have a serious dislike of bad swears and Betty-is-a-racist gags.

  16. That is so subtle and so perfect. Ultimate Archie? Archie “Max”? Frank Miller’s All-star Archie?
    Awesome. Thank you.


  17. Mash-up taken to another level. I should send you the xian Archie I just got from the .25 bin. I was going to use it for art, but you may enjoy Archie & gang saving souls around the world.

  18. OH my god, I’m a putz, I thought that was real and went looking for it on Amazon. I’m sitting here frustrated going “Why didn’t Chris give us the TITLE AND ISSUE NUMBER???”

    Damn but that would be an awesome parody… add me to the “more please!” crowd.

    (The others who posted their links were also fun.)

  19. I’ve been reading through all the ISB archives over the last couple of weeks, and this is the best thing I’ve seen. Eight kinds of awesome.