The Action Age Takes on Oni’s Resurrection #8!

It just occurred to me tonight that I never formally announced this on the ISB, instead breaking the news on an episode of War Rocket Ajax. So here we go:



February’s Resurrection #8 will have an eight-page back-up story by me, Chad Bowers, and Rusty Shackles!

Hopefully, you guys are familiar with me by now, but Chad’s the writer of the Action Age comics Danger Ace, Impossible! and Monster Plus, and you’ve seen Rusty’s art on the first 15 episodes of War Rocket Ajax and at his own website. We’ve worked together before on the as-yet-unpublished The Hard Ones, but this is going to be the first thing we’ve done that anyone will be able to see, and–and this is the big deal for me–our first print comic that we didn’t make ourselves.

If you’re worried about being able to follow along, dont fret: The back-up is completely self-contained, and all you need to know it’s the book’s high concept, which is that aliens have been driven off of Earth after an eight-year occupation, and now it’s time for humanity to rebuild itself. And if you want to know more, the trade paperback of the first series retails brand spankin’ new for just six dollars.

So please, tell your local funnybook dealer that you want Resurrection #8! The Diamond order code is NOV090888, and while the issue’s already been solicited, your retailer should still be able to do an order increase to make sure you get a copy!

8 thoughts on “The Action Age Takes on Oni’s Resurrection #8!

  1. Wait — I thought Chris scripting a book for one of the Big 3 heralds the Apocalypse.

    But y’know — it’s worth it.

    Congrats, guys!