11 thoughts on “The Amazing Thing Is Not The Twin Unicorns Presiding Over a Thunderstorm

  1. I wonder if we’ll ever learn that Rarity or Twilight Sparkle have a crazy uncle Charlton Hoofston somewhere in their family trees.

  2. “Is anyone here a doctor?”
    “No but I have a gun, will that help?”

  3. I live in Texas, and I once saw a f-350 work truck, mud down the sides, gun rack in the back window, with an 8-foot set of bull horns on the front, above the heavy-duty bumper. And it had a “Proud to be a Texas Democrat” bumper sticker on the back.

    The Gunicorn truck is cooler than that.

  4. A pro-gun truck driver who believes in unicorns? I don’t why you hold this up for ridicule, Chris – I find it reassuring.

  5. Its like Merlin with a Mosin-nagant!
    Ron Weasley with a Webley!
    RIncewind with a Remington!

  6. “If God drove a pickup (which I’m pretty sure He does)”
    Sell this to Nashville, it’s a perfect country music song title.