The Big Question

And now, your highly philosophical Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy for the night:




Huh. Guess he did.


The scintillating saga of Spider-Man and his gigantic hand grenade can be found in Spidey Super Stories #23, which was written by the single greatest name in comics history, Kolfax Mingo.

14 thoughts on “The Big Question

  1. Okay, that name has to be a pseudonym. I tried an internet search and anagrams but couldn’t find anything. Who could the mysterious Mr. Mingo be, and what nefarious plot does he have up his sleeve for Spidey next?

  2. Well, God DAMN It, Sims! Here I am, just having gotten myself a portable catapult, a vest made of dynamite and the trajectory to the Lincoln BedroomRoadrunner all worked out . . . and you had to go and post this, making my awesome would-be suicide seem flat-out goofy in comparison.

    Man, I hope the ACME Co. Returns Department will at least give me store credit, considering the catapult’s still in shrink wrap.

  3. Max Fool King?
    Making Of Lox?
    Max Of King Lo?

    Maybe the Quabbalah has something to say on this.

  4. Wiki sez Jim Salicrup is your man: “From 1974 to 1982, Marvel Comics issued a comic book called Spidey Super Stories, which was aimed at children ages 6–10. A total of 57 issues were produced, written by Jim Salicrup. During the early years, a comic-book version of one of The Electric Company Spidey skits was included. A truncated version also appeared in The Electric Company Magazine. In contrast to the live-action Electric Company segments, Spidey often appeared out of costume as Peter Parker.”

  5. With as much of those giant grenades surrounding Pete as there are, I’d think a few city blocks would be covered in cartoony soot. True origin of the black suit. Secret Wars was just a fever dream.