48 thoughts on “The Brave and the Bold!

  1. Okay, DC seriously needs to let you write a mini-series where Batman makes use of Shark-chuks at some point.

    And car-battery-chuks.

  2. It’s all so clear. Battle For the Cowl will happen because Bruce Wayne leaves his Batman identity behind, instead embracing the mantle of his father and his father’s father before him – Bruce Wayne, Shark-Chukker!

  3. Shaq is a “Dark Wizard”? You goddamned racist, Sims.

    Seriously though, at what point do DC say “we can’t do any better than this. Sims, write our books.

    All of them.

  4. How does he keep the sharks alive? I mean, he’s patrolling around all night, and there can’t be that many salt water tanks in the slums of Gotham.

  5. Okay Jeff, assuming there is a small, surreptitious band of magical sharks (Galeocerdo magiam) stalking around the shadows where man cannot interfere with them, why would they submit to the will of of a single man? Especially after they fought so gallantly for their independence during the Franco-Shark Wars?

  6. “Let no shark–if he truely be a shark–submit his will, his dignity, or his life to any two-foot. I have walked with lords, giants, creatures of renown from the water at the top of the clouds to the dirt at the bottom of the seas, and have let none call me anything other than ‘Master’.”
    –Canivari Maximus, King of all Sharks (1896)

  7. And these building block battles of yours between a shark-chuk-swinging Batman and an evil, magic Shaq are not fan-fiction?

  8. Clearly the sharks are being kept alive by the radiance of awesome that Batman constantly emits.

  9. MUSIC: (Holst, Op.32 “Mars, Bringer of War”).
    VO: A deadly enemy has returned…
    SHAQ: At last, the day of reckoning has arrived! Now nothing can stand in my way!!
    VO: A timeless evil has awoken…
    LT. GORDON: I need every car down here NOW!! This thing is burninating the countryside! Light the signal!!
    VO: Now, in a world where darkness reigns supreme…
    ALFRED: I beg you to reconsider, sir! They haven’t been fully tested! They may be even more dangerous than Shaq and Lakerax put together!!
    VO:…A creature of darkness is a city’s last hope!
    (Music stops, Close-up of Batman)
    BATMAN: May be? I’m counting on it. Get me the Bat-Shark-Chuks!
    (Music starts again, rising to a crescendo)
    TITLE CARD: 9/8/08
    SHAQ: And the Batman comes in the NIGHT!!!
    (fade to black)

  10. Trevor,

    Sims doesn’t make fan-fic; he speaks the truth. All we know as `comics’ and `reality’ are just pail imitations, echoes if you will, of the real world we just caught a glimpse of.

    And Batman keeps the sharks alive via a spray that alters their genetic structure and allows them to breath air, And Vengence.

  11. So, I guess Sims will be buying Lego Batman?

    Also, isn’t Shark King that wereshark creature in the Aquaman comics?

  12. Just now, 9327 other bloggers have quit blogging and hung up their keyboards because of the awesomeness of Shark-chuks.

    Others, perhaps, see it as a gauntlet thrown down, a challenge to be beaten.

    It is not the super-collider that will end the world, it is the blog battle to defeat shark-chuks that causes the internet to overload and create a blackhole, destroying us all.

    Thanks, Chris, for killing all of mankind.

    you, rat bastard.

  13. The mistake in calling this fan-fiction is the word “fiction.”

    I call your attention to the fact that these are photographs. Which means these events truly happened.

    With that in mind, let’s honor the sacrifice of the many who gave their lives in the battle of Lakerax vs. Sharkchucks.

  14. Just out of curiosity, in which set is Muffin O’Cutesy included?

    Muffin O’Cutesy, aka “Agent Trace” is from 8633 – Speedboat Rescue, the same set that gives us the sharks. She’s meant to be dangled over the laser sharks, hence the scared face, but there’s another, more sassy one around the back of her head. Oddly–and frustratingly–the male agent that’s meant to save her only comes with standard sassiness, so you can’t reverse the roles to have a dude in distress rather than a damsel.

  15. Chris – you could pop the hair off and swap the heads, though I’m sure Muffin would look rather odd with 5 o’clock shadow. (The dude with lipstick we can handle.)

  16. That Lego tumbler is awesome. At work the latest Lego stuff we’ve got is just the Clone Wars bits and bobs and an ENORMOUS City Police selection box dealie.

  17. I was too blown away to mention it before, but I also love the EC-style lettering. As does Caleb apparently, since he’s using the EC logo.