The Campaign Heats Up

Cobra Commander claims that he has your best interests at heart.



Cobra Commander says he has a plan for dealing with America’s enemies.



Cobra Commander promises Weather Domination, a cabinet staffed by clones of history’s greatest military geniuses, and a tax rebate from a smaller defense budget.

Yeah. Cobra Commander says a lot of things.



But only one man really has the strength, honor and compassion to lead our country in the years to come.



Only one man wants to fight for your rights!



Only one man deserves your vote this fall!




Paid for by Mothers Against No Time for Law and Order.

42 thoughts on “The Campaign Heats Up

  1. I don’t know. Both of these candidates are just tools of Big Toy. Can I really trust any candidate who’s in Hasbro’s pocket?

  2. ROM isn’t a natural-born citizen of the United States, so he’s not getting elected as president unless you’re also planning to rush a last-second constitutional amendment through before the primaries.

  3. Wow. A new candidate throws his neutralizer into the ring this late in the campain? If it was anyone but the greatest of the spaceknights I’d say it was a waste of time, but the internet she is fickle. And how will this shocking last minute change of advocacy from (super)delegate Sims affect the race? Its sure to put the pundits in a tailspin. What will Cobra Commander- AKA the Duece- responce to this betrayel be? (I’m pegging it will involve guns and/or clones). Who says politics is boring?

  4. I can’t vote for Rom – he’s a known racist. Did you know he would cut social programs by up 80% to fund his “Final Solution to the Dire Wraith Problem.” Cobra Commander, however, is clearly a more equal opportunity employer – he’s got employees who are Scottish nobility and employees who are common white trash!

  5. Re: Bill Reed…

    It’s the only jib he’s got, baby!

    Finally, a candidate I can vote for without throwing up afterward.

  6. I agree with Cobra Commander’s weather machine policy…
    But Rom’s citizen defense policy is intriguing as well.

    I’m torn. Perhaps more from each candidate will help me make up my mind.

  7. Well, through the first half of this, I thought to myself, “Yeah, but, c’mon. Who better than Cobra Commander?”

    Then, in the second half of this one, I thought…”Of course. How could I have not seen it?”.

    Incidentally, I’m pretty sure that Mr. Sims wouldn’t be a Superdelegate, but, and Invincible Super-Delagate. How that ranks compared to a mere “Superdelegate”, I dunno.

  8. Besides ROM’s “vaporize all illegal immigrant” policy I’ve heard that he’s taken unusually high “campaign contributions” from the Aluminum Council. Can we really trust a candidate who’s in the pocket of big aluminum?

  9. I was wondering when the Mothers Against No Time for Law and Order where going to start shooting their mouths of… Always butting into elections with their bizarre, unheard-of candidates and expecting to get mainstream attention with their flagrant attack ads.

    Sometimes, I have no idea what the hell MANTLO’s thinking.

  10. Rom doesn’t vaporize illegal immigrants, he merely banishes them to the unending horrors of limbo where they are killed by monsters only to be reborn the next day in a never-ending cycle of torment.

    On the plus side, they get to hang out with Space Phantom

  11. A lot of people were worried about Revrend Mantlo’s remarks about ROM early in the campaign but I have since seen the light, quite literally, when I was “Mantlo punched.” Spaceknight in ’08!

  12. I wonder how old ROM’s robot lady friend is? I heard she was much younger. . .

  13. I fear that the long primary battle against Sue Richards may have hurt ROM’s chances against Cobra Commander in the general election.

  14. ROM, does your opponent stand a chance against you in the election?


  15. I can’t wait for Cobra Commander to win and round up all of you ROM-supporting non-believers. You’ll all spend your years mining for energy crystals to power machines designed for global dom … er … national security!

    Cobra Commander in ’08!

  16. He hella has my vote. Especially since I cannot shake the fear that both Hillary and McCain are Dire Wraiths.

  17. I’ll wait and see how he does in a debate against General Zod before jumping on the ROM bandwagon.I’ve been burned by novelty candidates before. Ross Perot, I’m looking at you!

  18. malakim wins the thread. And ROM wins the election. Remember – the requirement to be a natural born citizen only applies to citizens born AFTER the ratification of the Constitution. All ROM has to do is prove he was born on Galador before 1787.

  19. ROM is, in fact, well over 200 years old at the start of the series, having been out in space fighting Dire Wraiths for two centuries.

  20. Malakim wins the thread? *sniff* Screw all, y’all! “Yes Tin Can” was freaking hilarious!

    Tim Curtin – Bitterly Clinging to his Comedy Guns since 2008.

  21. By sheer coincidence, I just finished up my read-through of the full run of ROM comics about 10 minutes ago. My mind is reeling from the Mantlotainment. Hell yeah, I’ll vote for ROM.

  22. I’m not even American, but when I saw your little presidential elections thingy going on, and I saw Mitt Romney, I thought to myself, “Self, we should vote for that guy just because his name has ROM in it. Even if he’s a jerk. And if we were American. And we cared enough to vote.”

  23. I just noticed you have mouse-over comments on all your photos after reading the ISB for a couple months. Yay! Now I can read everything all over again with extra insight!

  24. I’m just going to say that I’m a bit torn. I’ve always been pretty upset that we haven’t seen a Cage/Rand ticket just yet, and it’s really depressing that the most obvious choice for the executive branch never came to pass as they could never figure out who would be vice president. As Chris pointed out in writing about a Hulk fight, while Luke Cage is smarter than Iron Fist, Iron Fist happens to be the baddest motherfucker alive. It’s a surefire win for ’08 if they could only get around their egos.

    That grievance finally being off my chest I will tentatively place my support with the greatest of the spaceknights, and will make my final decision when his running mate emerges.

    “It’s 3am and a phone is ringing in the oval office. Meanwhile your president WASSSS ONCE A MAAAANNNNNNN!”

  25. Think about it…
    ROM began his battle against evil over 200 years ago (this was back in 1979), so he’d be a contemporary of the U.S. FOUNDING FATHERS!


    He’s who we need to bring this country back on track!!!

    ROM in ’08!


  26. That dog looks like it enjoyed being kicked. Clearly, that picture was staged. Have the spaceknights no sense of honor at all?

  27. So which issue was it where Rom took part in the American Revolution, fighting a Dire Wraith infested British Empire (the resolution involving George the Third being rescued from DW induced madness) and teaming up with a time travelling Captain America?

  28. This debate is pointless! All will bow before Cobra Commander, not this hapless space man that is clearly a pawn of big goverment and his own radical party leadership!