29 thoughts on “The Candidate With Experience

  1. No matter how much they spend on campaign spots they still can’t get around the fact that Cobra Commander is a birth citizen of Cobra-La and thus inelligible for the presidency…

    Thats why I’m voting a strict Tomax/Xamot ticket. Sure I can’t remember which one is VP and which will be President, but at least they’re Americans!

  2. I considered it long and hard, did my research as to where he stands on all of the important issues, etc. Then I found out he has ties to Sons of the Serpent, those guys just don’t sit right with me.

  3. I’m going with my traditional vote for the Green Party… er… Green and Slimey Party. Cthulhu has had my vote ever since he began his regular campaign for the White House. For those who might point out that he is not a natural born citizen there is a provision in the Constitution for those existing in the US when the Constitution was adopted…

  4. I don’t know; history suggests that electing people to high office who previously tried to overthrow the government generally doesn’t work out as well as you might hope (hi, Venezuela!).

    Still… we DO live in scary times, and scary times demand scary leaders. That’s why I’m inclined to vote Cthulhu, but I’m wondering if he’s constitutionally able to run. I mean, I know about the provision Just Some Guy mentioned, but there’s also the residency requirement, and, as we all know, he’s been in R’lyeh for some time. Is R’lyeh within the territorial boundaries of the U.S.?

  5. I think you’re thinking of the other Cobra Commander. I’m voting for the Cobra Commander who used to be a used-car salesman.

    Of course, anybody can be under that mask/helmet, can’t they?

  6. If he does win I hope he pushes legislation requiring everyone to end every phone call by yelling “cobbbrrraaaa!” into the phone.

  7. Lurker, as much as I adore Tomax and Xamot, I DO believe that they are Corsican, and therefore ineligible.

    But only one million for the services of Cobra Commander? That’s a steal! For US!

  8. That’s not Cobra Commander!

    That’s just a picture of Dick Cheney dressing up as Cobra Commander, and sitting in Bush’s chair while POTUS takes a potty break.

  9. “Hello? Yes, I’ve been trying to reach customer service for several…no, I don’t have my registry number on me. It’s Cobra C…yes, C-O-B-R-A, space, C-O-M…”

  10. I have to stick with Megatron. Unlike Cthulhu, Megatron was confirmed to have been in the Ark (and thus, on U.S. soil) when the country was founded. Therefore, he can legally run as a US Citizen. I think a Megatron/Shockwave ticket will make our enemies cower in fear.

  11. While I’m still leaning toward Cthulhu (it occurs to me that casting the world into eternal darkness would probably have a positive effect on global warming), I might jump to the Joker. An American citizen (and a patriotic one, if that Batman/Captain America crossover in which he declares “I may be a criminal lunatic, but I’m an American criminal lunatic!” is any indicator), he’s definitely been in the country for long enough, and who better to deal with the madmen we face around the world than a madman of our very own? But who would be his running mate?

  12. Cthulhu’s spirit is not bound to Ryleth and influences many things in the world. In fact, take out a dollar bill. Fold it in half across a non-Euclidian curve twisting the outside surface into a seven sided pyramid and tell me what you see (assuming you succeed your SAN check). He’s always been here and is in fact one of the signatories on the Articles of Confederation.

    And if it does go to court it happens that Justice Alito happens to owe Cthulhu a big favor…

    I’m 99% sure the Joker is ineligible. Remember that he was the ambassador from a foreign country for a time. No US Citizen could take such a post without renouncing their citizenship. By taking the job the Joker might have been de facto renouncing his citizenship.

  13. Alot of people here seam to be forgetting that Chris as already proven Cobra Commander to actually be an evil/good clone of Jimmy Olsen. Thats got to be worth some swinging votes right there.

  14. Also, there was a story where the Joker attempted a military coup in a South American country and succeeded, but then was counter-couped and had to be deported to face trial. At least, that’s the gist I got from reading a Bob Ingersoll column.

    “(and a patriotic one, if that Batman/Captain America crossover in which he declares “I may be a criminal lunatic, but I’m an American criminal lunatic!” is any indicator)”

    As the Elseworlds story, The Liberty Files, shows, the Joker is emphatically not a patriot, and had close ties with the Nazi party and sold out not just the United States, but all of the Allied Powers, to the Third Reich during a time of war.

  15. Hey, I’ve just heard: Cthullu has reached across party lines and offered the Joker the role of Running Mate.

    Vote Cthullu/Joker in ’08! “We may plunge you into madness, but at least we’re honest about it.”

  16. I would pay dearly for a Cthullu/Joker Elseworlds that featured Batman’s mind breaking while Joker casually finished off the sanity-inducing Old Ones.

  17. People are pussy-footing around the main issue with Cthulu! It’s not whether he’s resident, it’s whether he’s currently awake. America does not need another dozy president!

  18. People who vote for Cthulu are as politically naive as Libertarians or Randian Objectivists.

  19. I’d suggest the Master, but as his recent stint as Prime Minister shows, he really takes a bit too “long-term” a view. Sure, his policies are great for the floating heads in balls we will one day become, but what does he do for the working man of today?

    No, I think I’ll go for the Luthor ’08 ticket. He’s tanned, rested, and ready to defeat Superman with a Kryptonite battlesuit.

  20. I forgot about the Master! But, as a native of Gallifrey, he’s ineligible (dangit!).

    As for the Joker, the requirements are you have to be native born, which he is, and a citizen for the 14 years before becoming president. Has he been in the country for that long?

  21. Im not a racist but, Cthulu wouldnt be where he is in the race today if he wasnt an elder god/demon/other dimensionally entity. Thats all im saying.

  22. I really think that the Mayor from Power Puff Girls is ready to move on to bigger things.