The ComicsAlliance Ask Chris Live Panel: Relive The Magic… For The Very First Time



As I mentioned last week, one of the big deals about this year’s HeroesCon was that for the very first time, I was on a panel–two, in fact! The first was a Comic Twart panel that was truly awesome to be a part of, but for me, the second was the big one: Ask Chris Live with me, Laura Hudson and Caleb Goellner!

It was a lot of fun, but if you missed out, don’t worry: thanks to pal Dr. K, we got the entire thing on video, and it’s now been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. So if you’ve got an hour to spare, check it out, and see what happens when I answer questions on everything from Don Glover’s bid for Spider-Man to a question from Chris Haley and Curt Franklin that’s just as classy as they were on Ajax.

6 thoughts on “The ComicsAlliance Ask Chris Live Panel: Relive The Magic… For The Very First Time

  1. Congratulations; what a benchmark! Is apparent to any vaguely observant people who visit your pages that you put in an awful lot of thought and work into building your comics & comedy career, so may these be the first of many panels at cons over the years to come. I look forward to an `Ask Chris – Live in Australia Edition’.

  2. Hell yes. And we could ask you “what’s your favourite Australian comic character” and you say “there are no good Australian comic book characters” and everyone doesn’t know where to look.

  3. Some great questions there, and for some reason, I really want to read Caleb’s batman/speed racer book.

    so you’re fairly certain that the Haunted Vagina is the be-all end-all of weird lines in comics?

  4. I was almost late to work yesterday because I was having way too much fun watching those videos.

    And yes… I would totally read Caleb’s Batman/Speed Racer comic. That was awesome.

    On the other hand, I’m really, really glad I don’t have to spend any time around that guy who picked on Caleb’s hair. I know he’s your friend and all, but the guy seems to have a mild case of Tucker Stone syndrome. Just enough to be annoying, not enough to come back around to being funny.

    That was a good point about coming up with a substitute for World War II. It would certainly help at DC, where the Golden Age characters who are still around must be about 92.

    It takes some of the impact away from Infinite Crisis, just for example, when you realize that Earth-2 Lois Lane was probably born during World War I and it’s impressive that she lived as long as she did. Especially without access to medical care for however long they were in that other dimension.

    The fake war “ten years ago” helps with all sorts of story logic issues. Good call.

  5. Hey, I knew you CA guys were cool, but I didn’t know you were “Wear my sunglasses INDOORS” cool.

  6. Disco Stu,

    where you from mate? I made internet friends with someone once and then found out months later that they lived down the road

    Without taking away from your joke, do you define `australian comic book characters’ as characters who are created as australian nationals or characters created by australians?