The Evolution of Aaron Stack

And now, your Spidey Super Stories/Nextwave Moment of Joy this week: The Evolution of Aaron Stack: Machine Man:


Figure 1:






Figure 2






And Finally, Figure 3:






All things considered, that’s a pretty logical character arc.


Machine Man circa 1979 can be found in Spidey Super Stories #41 (quite possibly the single greatest comic of the 20th century), while Aaron Stack circa 2006 can be found in Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen’s Nextwave, which is most certainly the greatest comic book of the new Willennium.

24 thoughts on “The Evolution of Aaron Stack

  1. Let’s just go ahead and say that Nextwave was the Greatest. Comic. Ever. and save some time. Don’t ya think? I’ll swear on a stack o’ bibles if I have to.

  2. What powers you ask? How about the power of flight? That do anything for you? That’s levitation Chris.

  3. And for yet more Aaron, you should pick up the latest issues of Ms Marvel wherein he works with Sleepwalker and the title character to stop Puppet Master from hosting mind controlled gladiator battles and superpowered catfights.

    It’s Aaron at his finest, outside Nextwave.

  4. Who in their right mind would want to *stop* mind controlled gladiator battles and superpowered catfights? Sounds like that’s right up Aaron’s alley.

  5. I can’t even begin to describe the joy I felt when I realised Machine Man in Ms. Marvel was in continuity with Nextwave. How great is that?

    Okay, it’s not as great as not cancelling the book in the first place, but still.

  6. I love that Machine Man’s dialogue was nearly interchangeable with the KillBot form Knights of the Old Republic.

    I love that, and Dr. No Sexy.

  7. I love Nextwave.

    I celebrtated talk like a pirate day by calling everyone “fleshy ones” and bragging about my unique robot intellect. Aaron is a hero to us all.

  8. I still think Warren should do a miniseries detailing the stories of the “other” X-series robots. That would be awesome, printed on sheets of awesome in awesome ink.

  9. I honestly didn’t think there was a question of whether or not Nextwave was in continuity. I just didn’t know it was in continuity with Spidey Super Stories.

  10. I often imagine what a Nextwave Machine Man versus the Hulk battle would be like, since I first learned of Machine Man from his appearance in the Hulk back then (One of those 3 comics for 99 cents packs).

  11. I hadn’t known about the… evolution of Machine Man until I read a copy of Ms. Marvel at a friend’s. I found the idea intriguing and wish to subscribe to the newsletter.

  12. Oh my sweet merciful Comic Book Jeebus.

    I vaguely remember that issue of “Spidey Super Stories.” Because I bought it in 1979 off of a spinner rack at a 7-11 at the tender age of five or six and probably read it twice daily for a month.

    Reaching that far back into my memory makes my brain feel funny. Like drinking a slurpee really quickly while riding on the back of a staggering hippo. But without the hippo smell.

  13. I’d just like to point out that Nextwave-style Aaron Stark and Grant Morrison’s Marvel Boy are, from what I gather, in the same continuity now.

    Someone, please, give us the team-up.

  14. Has anyone told Quesada Drunk Machine Man (and thus Nextwave) are now in continuity?

    Or should we apply She-Hulk A-hole theory to write them off (theyve already done away with Nextwave Monica thus)

    will it be fun to also compare Nextwave Machine Man to Earth-X Machine Man? ;)

  15. Late to the party with this, but the lulz were magnificent. Extra points for ‘Willenium’.