28 thoughts on “The Greatest Origin Story of All Time

  1. You know, if you told me earlier today that I’d be entertained by a girl dressed like Napoleon on a yellow rocking pony, I’d have called you crazy. But then again, here we are.

  2. Woah…does Spidey have a bump on his head in that last panel from being thumped? That’s quite a goose-egg.

  3. You have an “Equestrian Transvestite Assault” tag now Chris, and you will be forced to use it again someday. When that day comes, I hope you can deliver.

  4. I’m 90% positive this was adapted from an actual Electric Company episode.

    Which doesn’t make it any less awesome.

  5. the Thumper turned to a life of crime because of an unfulfilled childhood and eventually got what she wanted. see? crime does pay.

  6. “Look it’s the great French hero! Who died 160 years ago! And wasn’t a woman who fondled herself in public! But other than those small discrepancies it is definitely Napoleon!”

    I’m looking forward to more entries with the “Equestirian Transvestite Assault” tag…

  7. @originalslugboy: yeah, I too am confident this was a live action character making a comic book appearance.

    Remember: Spidey > Spider-Man

  8. Y’know, if you stuck this story right in the middle of Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol, NO ONE would be able to tell the difference.

  9. Not that this is even among the ten weirdest things in these panels, but: “hero”? Since when is Napoleon viewed in American pop culture (or by random American passersby) as a hero?

  10. Indeed, Justin. I was going to say that this if this character had been a DC character Grant Morrison would have long ago brought her back into the universe.

    Heck, she’d probably have been one of the Seven Soldiers. Or she’d be playing a central role in Final Crisis.

    You never know when it comes to that crazy Scotsman…

  11. Bruce Wayne sneers at the moral implications of this Spidey Super Story.

    But secretly, he wants a pony too.

  12. PS

    Those aren’t bumps on Spidey’s head — they’re prepubescent horns!

    Spider-Man of Universe Electric Company == Young Hellboy.

  13. I don’t understand the young folks’ slang anymore. By “Yellow Pony” they mean “Sybian,” right?

  14. I never got a yellow pony for my birthday either, but you don’t see me dressing up as a dead frenchman, thumping strangers.

    Just sayin’.

  15. I never thought I would say this about any comic, but if Spidey had stopped the Thumper by throwing her some delicious Hostess Fruit Pies, it would actually have made this comic less crazy.

  16. Have you read the Spidey Super Stories issue with The Wall yet, Chris? If not, you need to. And The Wall needs to be a canon Spider-Man villain.

  17. You wanna know something almost equally awesome ?

    The man who wrote that Electric Company episode on which the story’s based is… Tom Whedon. I shit you not. Joss Whedon’s dad.

    I demand a revamped Thumper shows up as the next big bad in the current “Buffy Season 8” comic.