8 thoughts on “The Human Volcano!

  1. You know, if the people who lived on that lollipop still had the Ultimate Nullifier, that story would have had a pret-ty different ending.

  2. You and Sterling understand I have NO money right? And that there are both RPG and board game versions of Mouse Guard coming out? My roommate only has so many organs I can harvest and still leave him healthy enough to pay rent!


    Alright, FINE, Sims. You’ve convinced me. I’ll buy the damned book. But I blame you for any lollipop-based escapades or misadventures I may go on as a result.

  4. Artie, the ending would be different. It’d be Herbie on a blank background. Licking the lollypop.

  5. “Watch out, Dolemite! Here comes Herbie!”

    Human Volcano vs. Human Tornado? In a house on the hill in Pasadena? That idea is much too much for this insecure, rat soup-eating world.