The ISB Bonus Content Blowout Bash Blast!

Just because I took the last week off from the ISB doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy with other projects, so for any of you who missed out, here are the freelance pieces that went up before I came back:



First up,’s Worst of Netflix kicks off a brand new year with a return to the David Heavener ouvre! My previous encounter with Heavener’s work was strange enough, bt this time…

Eventually, with about a half-hour left, the movie remembers that it actually does have a plot laying around here somewhere, and it becomes clear that Heavener has cast himself as Space Jesus.

The Worst of Netflix: Outlaw Prophet on Be there now!


Next up, this week’s ComicsAlliance contributions:



First up, I interviewed Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw of the hugely popular web series Zero Punctuation! I’m a big ZP fan, but this was a weird experience for me, as it’s the first time I’ve ever interviewed anyone for print, as opposed to Ajax, which is pretty much just talking until an hour’s up.

Still, I think it went pretty well, especially since Yahtzee was a sport and played along with my goofy-ass questions. Give it a read!

And finally…



I offer up 20 New Year’s Resolutions for your favorite super-heroes! If you liked the Facebook article, this one’s more of the same quality Sims Brandâ„¢ Humor that you’ve come to expect, plus it gave me a chance to write as J. Jonah Jameson again, something of which I will never grow tired.

And that’s this week’s freelance stuff. Enjoy it, folks!

15 thoughts on “The ISB Bonus Content Blowout Bash Blast!

  1. I highly suggest you start a J Jonah Jameson weekly opinion article here or at Comics Alliance.

  2. The link to go to the Worst of Netfilx article links back to the-isb instead. It works fine if you click the image.
    Sorry that this comment can’t be either witty or hateful, but it was my New Year’s Resolution to be True Neutral.

  3. Doomsgiving is going to be in February. ‘Cause thats when I’m on vacation and it will be the soonest I can fully celebrate it as the perfect holiday it obviously is…

  4. Heh. As a special bonus, the comments section to the New Year’s Resolutions article has one of the best responses to a “you forgot” comment I’ve ever read. Almost as good as the fried ice cream pic.

  5. Chris Sims and Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw?

    My hater senses are tingling.

  6. good interview. Hopefully the book gets released downunder (better bloody well do, Yahtzee living down here and all that).

  7. Very cool interview. I’ll definitely read MOGWORLD.

    (Speaking of which: If the real world turned out to be a game, in which we had been living all the time without knowing it, what kind of game would it be? Hardly an MMORPG, because everybody keeps aging…)

  8. Outlaw Prophet? I rented that years ago. That’s the one where the hero has a laser gun made out of my electric shaver, and they beat Satan using AM radio, and oh my god I just remembered the creepy locals at the Jesus barbecue.

    And The Heave, on top of all his other jobs, sings his own theme song over the credits. Honestly, you wouldn’t think there’d be such a thing as a poor man’s David Hasselhoff, or that the world would need one, but there he is.