The Journal of Batman Studies: Dick Sprang’s “Secrets of the Batcave”



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’m once again putting my degree in Batmanology to work with a look at Dick Sprang’s “Secrets of the Batcave” lithograph, wherein I do my level best to play Jess Nevins by identifying every bat-tchotchke Sprang drew.

Unfortunately, even with Michael Fleisher’s truly indispensable Batman Encyclopedia and my own not inconsiderable collection of Golden and Silver Age Batman reprints, I couldn’t even come close to annotating the whole thing. That’s why I’ve opened the floor for you guys, to see if we can’t all come together and make a fully annotated version of “Secrets of the Batcave!”

If you know where something comes from (and if you can prove it with a scanned panel or an issue number), then leave a comment on CA, and we’ll see if we can’t do this thing up right!

11 thoughts on “The Journal of Batman Studies: Dick Sprang’s “Secrets of the Batcave”

  1. I’m delighted to say I came up with one (the portraits of the Gordons between the computer and the hydraulic lift), if only because Chris has written an article where it is logically impossible to write a “you forgot” comment and if, therefore, no one wrote anything, it would be too blisteringly accurate a critique of us, his readers. I can’t take the harsh mirror of reality right now.

  2. Yep: This is basically an article that says “Oh, you want to tell me you know more about Batman than me? BY ALL MEANS, TRY.”

    (Seriously though, try. I’d really like to know where that 8-Ball comes from)

  3. Well, the Comic Treadmill has been indexing all the giant props throughout Batman’s history, though they don’t have a complete set of Batman issues.

    A giant pool ball is listed in 2 of their entries:

    Batman 81, although the panel they printed doesn’t show an 8 ball:

    Detective 570 has an actual 8 ball that looks right, but of course this is long after the Sprang era. Still, it’s well before 1995:

    FWIW, here’s the link to their most recent giant prop entry, so you can see what they’ve catalogued so far:

  4. Has this print ever been made availaable other than as a signed lithograph? I can only find 2 of the signed ones for sale online around $300-$350. They shouldd make a poster version available. I’d buy that in a hearbeat.

  5. That’s the nattiest Alfred I’ve ever seen. That suit looks better on him than it ever did on Joseph Cotten.

  6. Also, that’s a helluva lotta runways for one damn plane.

    I assume it’s to host the ArrowPlane and the Batmen of All Nations when they’re in Gotham for a jamboree.

  7. the Batmen of All Nations

    Wait, China has their own goddamn batman?! And Lichtenstein, too?! What have I been missing all my life?