The Lantern Corps Quiz



So remember when you were a kid and you used to get really bored and you’d read your sister’s copy of Seventeen Magazine and take all the quizzes to see which member of New Kids on the Block was your dream date?



Okay, well, forget I said that, then. Instead, go check out the teen mag-style quiz I wrote to find out which of the lantern corps (excluding the ones that I thought were really boring) you belong to!

And for the record? Jordan.

8 thoughts on “The Lantern Corps Quiz

  1. I think every time I read the “F’s” I laughed. I’ve always been a fan of comedic repetition.

  2. Every time I read the “Fs” I was accessing my host body’s memories to provoke emotional trauma and feed.

  3. One A, one B, one C, three D’s, and three E’s. Went to an online color mixing palate and got, like, ochre.

    An Ochre Lantern?

  4. “and Setting Feminism in Comics Back By 20 Years.”
    So they’re back to 1890 again, eh?

  5. I’m pushing DC for a Grey Lantern Corps. They’re here to tone everybody else down– Love becomes Affection, Rage becomes Annoyance, Greed becomes Curiosity, Death becomes Sleep, Green becomes — uh, Focus, Hope becomes that Cautious Optimism they always have in the Onion AV Club, etc.