The Lost Week In Ink: October 17, 2007

Under normal circumstances, this would be the space where you’d find my hard-hitting reviews of this week’s comics, but since I’ve been staying home this week to take care of my mom while she recovers from her bypass (which is going very well), I haven’t been to work or managed to pick up any of my comics.

Admittedly, at this point I could probably write reviews without ever seeing the actual books (and chances are, most of you are surprised to find out this isn’t how I do things normally), and Tug even offered to call up and read me a page of each one over the phone to give me something to go from, but here at the ISB, we pride our journalistic integrity above all else.

Of course, deciding to hold off this week did leave me with something of a dilemma, but maybe that could be better explained by a series of sequential images:











And that’s pretty much how my night went.

Reviews’ll be back next week, but until then, just go find out what I said about ’em last month and assume that it all applies. Except, of course, for Jamie McKelvie’s Suburban Glamour, which I think we can all agree is probably totally awesome.


The above post–apparently conceived in an effort to thoroughly alienate my readership–was inspired of course by Nintendo’s absolutely fantastic Elite Beat Agents, wherein it is revealed that only the music of David Bowie can solve our fossil fuel crisis.

30 thoughts on “The Lost Week In Ink: October 17, 2007

  1. That is an amazingly accurate depiction of your workspace, down to the Goon, Cobra Commander, and Punisher dolls, as well as the color coding of your DC Showcase volumes. Are you sure you’re not using a lightbox or some kind of photo-reference here?

  2. Ah damn, Elite Beat Agents…I was excited about this game because Ouendan looked like a lot of fun, but then I saw the song list and cried a little inside.

    And then I saw on Youtube that the version of Jumpin’ Jack Flash on it is just awful.

  3. I’ve wanted to say for a while, your crayon style is getting a lot stronger, dude. All your fans out this way are glad to hear about your mom’s recovery.

  4. Indeed, the song list on EBA isn’t particularly great… But, oddly for a game based entirely around music, it almost doesn’t matter. It’s infectiously fun anyway, like an alien parasite that pops out of a barrel of monkeys.

  5. Oh, I don’t doubt it’s great fun for people who like or don’t mind those songs, but for me it’s just something that I know I wouldn’t be able to stand.

    And I realize the need for the localization, but…when you’ve been spoiled with the track list from Guitar Hero and the like, it’s tough to see something this.

  6. There weren’t really any particularly exciting comics out this week anyway, were there? I mean, Fables was as good as ever, and Marvel Zombies 2 had a pretty good start, but other than that, the only really exciting thing was the World’s Finest Showcase, where we finally learn what would happen if Superman and Batman were co-proprietors of a professional Swami company.

  7. At least you haven’t been turned into stone. Do you know how much dancing and chanting it takes to reverse something like that?

  8. I’d say you could almost have an all-crayon drawing blog, and i’d still be in.

    Hope your mom’s doing well.

  9. Glad your moms is recovering. Of course you COULD have just reviewed the books you got LAST week that you didn’t review. Or maybe get your mom another pillow. What are you lazy? Go help your mom! Ungrateful man!

  10. Yeah, those crayon drawings are improving all the time. Although I noticed you stayed away from attempting to draw birds this time.

    Glad your Mom is getting better. I’m still holding out for an Invinvible Super Mom week in ink one of these days.

  11. Dude, you’re going above and beyond with this blog. In other words; you’ve proven yourself AWESOME! I think most of us would understand if you take a break from all of this while your mom mends.
    That is not to say that I don’t thank you for your dedication to comedy.

  12. “wherein it is revealed that only the music of David Bowie can solve our fossil fuel crisis.”

    They called me a fool when I propossed this theory to the Science Council. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?!

  13. “wherein it is revealed that only the music of David Bowie can solve our fossil fuel crisis.”

    David Bowie gets ME to the church on time…

  14. “Why is there a penis poking your chin in panel 2?”

    It seems you’ve discovered the real reason for the absence of reviews: Chris has been popping Cialis like they were Tic Tacs, and he can’t leave the house to get his comics until his priapism goes away.

    It’s been more than four hours, dude. You need to contact a physician.

  15. you draw in crayon, but still put more effort into your backgrounds than i do in my own comic strips.
    … and arent videogames the answer for “what to do” in any given crisis?
    wishing cho momma a speedy recovery!

  16. Best to your mom, O All-Powerful Face-Kicking One. And yes, those are amazingly improved crayon stylings. :)

  17. You’re getting around to playing EBA now?! Well, I guess as long as you play it it is okay.

    With regards to the music, it is not a good list, but if I didn’t know better I would say that some of their covers make some of the songs sound better then their original singers.

  18. Hey. #1. They’re action figures, not dolls.
    This has been a public service message from another doll^H^H^H^Haction figure geek^H^H^H^Henthusiast.
    …unless they are, in fact, custom-made plush dolls, in which case that is also airwolf and I would expect a ROM version very shortly. Also I would expect my ROM plushie to be in the mail the next morning. Can’t you just see the little hand-sewn Neutralizer with the satin red projector? It almost, um, glows in the …dark.



  19. The ones on the shelf are action figures. I do have a couple of custom made dolls though: One of Black Mage from Final Fantasy and one of Kurbio’s Shoe from Super Mario 3.

  20. It took me about 30 goes to beat Let’s Dance in EBA on Sweatin’ difficulty. It was harder than Jumping Jack Flash. Thank God it was a Bowie song, though. If it had taken me that long to beat Avril Lavigne I’d have topped myself.