The Monday Meme: Superman’s Crazy Eyes

When I was reading through the second installment of Bob Kanigher’s Bat-Witch Saga last week, I came across this little gem…



…and if ever there was a panel that cried out for digital manipulation, that is it.

I mean, really: He might well be ordering his best friend and said friend’s famous ancestor to fight each other to the death for his own amusement, but can even that be the source of such intense mania? I think not.

No, I think that crazed gleam in his eye can only come from the anticipation of the Daily Planet’s Thursday lunch menu:



Of course, Mark Hale thinks the Man of Steel’s just psyched about passing a message of safety to The Kids:



What do you think, readers?



Ah, user-generated content. The lazy blogger’s truest friend.



The Readers Respond


In addition to the ones posted in the comments section, I always get a few of these in email, and then immediately forget about them. But not this time! Here’s what you guys had to offer:


Aaron Rushton brings some new shit to light with these two:



Filthy McMonkey violates the ISB’s standing “No Star Wars” Rule:


Jim “Flashback” Shelley offers up this trio:




Thanks, everybody!

48 thoughts on “The Monday Meme: Superman’s Crazy Eyes

  1. YouTube is the lazy blogger’s trusted friend. User generated content is its guillable, pushover friend…

    That being said Supes is obviously telling the townsfolk how many nipples Batman has to work them into a hysterical frenzy…

  2. “Yes, I’ve been taking Kandorian diet pills for the last FIVE DAYS! WHY DO YOU ASK?!!

  3. “Oh you better BELIEVE you are going to give me a high five. You are going to give me a HIGH FIVE. RIGHT. NOW.”

  4. “You stink palm him Batman. You’ve been fighting crime all day, wearing tights and two sets of underwear. Your ass is sweaty as hell.”

    “You’re right Superman. That’ll make the Joker pay for what he did to Jason Todd.”

    “After that, do it to Jeph Loeb.”

  5. “You’re never going to believe what I just did to Cat Woman, brah. The bitch’s FREEE_KAY!”

  6. ” Hello, you don’t know me, but I would like to take some liberties with your bosom.”

  7. “I’m gonna hit you ’til candy comes out!”

    “Hey ladies….do you want to see my Giant-Size Man Thing?”

    “Whoa, my hands are huuuuuuuuge. They can touch everything except themselves. Oh wait.”

  8. Max Radical, that is bombadical! Need to have Supes in an gingham dress, though.

  9. In honor of the Superman Homepage:

    “Time to MILK ME SOME TRACTORS!!!!”

  10. Damn, I’ve been reading this blog all this time and I didn’t know there WAS a No Star Wars rule.

    Consider me suitably chastised.