The Naughty List: The Five Worst Holiday Comics of All Time



Over the past few weeks at ComicsAlliance, I’ve had the pleasure of shining the spotlight on some of my favorite Christmas Comics, and just in time for Christmas Eve, I put on my tackiest sweater and bring you the flipside of the coin: the Five Worst Holiday Comics Ever!

As you can see from the image above, this one gave me the chance to revisit “Holiday Witches” from Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #41, which means that I am reasonably certain that this will be the only Christmas comics article that you read that includes the phrase “almost raped by Frankenstein.”

And that’s at the top of the list.

So give it a read, and enjoy the last-minute gift ideas for the hated enemies on your shopping list!

12 thoughts on “The Naughty List: The Five Worst Holiday Comics of All Time

  1. Between the non-topless cover and the fact that the backup feature includes the phrase “nearly raped by Frankenstein,” that might be one of the most tasteful issues of Tarot ever.

  2. Almost raped by Frankenstein, or almost raped by Frankenstein’s monster? This is a crucial distinction, although if you’re a Tarot character, maybe not.

  3. That picture of “fighting American” and who I assume by the “verily” is a fake Thor looks more like a parody of Liefeld than a real Liefeld drawing. I mean,at some point,even R.L. has to realise there’s too much cross hatching on the page. It looks like I’m watching the scene through a screen door.
    It’s like some kind of camoflage for artwork,like he drew his two fake Marvel characters,stood back and said,”Uhoh,that’s pretty shitty even for me,guess i’ll just pencil-diarrhea some lines all over everything and noone will be any the wiser.”

  4. I was about to say… what junior artist did Liefeld have draw that. FEET?!?


  5. Loved that issue of Terror, but it’s worth noting that the artist of that story, Horacio Ottalini, has never had any other American comics worth other than his being one of the regular artists on DC’s Scooby Doo and other cartoon comics. I find it funny his one venture of the reservation was THAT.