The Secrets of Spidey’s Webbing!

And now, your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy for this evening:





My God! Senator Ted Stevens was right all along!



All the answers can be found in the Alpha to last week’s Omega: Spidey Super Stories #1. And interestingly enough? The Super Stories version of Peter Parker doesn’t even seem to have an Uncle Ben at all, let alone one who gets shot.

13 thoughts on “The Secrets of Spidey’s Webbing!

  1. My word! Now the whole world will know the secrets of spidey’s webbing! What’s next? Unmasking himself on national television?

  2. i’m just saying, wasn’t he aware that every decent chemistry set comes with a bottle of “web mix”? now every shmuck out there is going to be putting that stuff into little tubes and trying to swing from building to building. Think of the lawsuits!

  3. He’s a brave man to be mixing all that messy web fluid while wearing that snappy sweater vest. Those things aren’t cheap.

  4. I got your Ted Stevens joke, but it took me a couple moments. I think all these Spidey Super Stories pics are dulling my mind.

    I better go review some of your Tarot posts to resharpen my, uh, mind.

  5. Ted Stevens was also right in that the Internet is not a big truck. Road Rage Venom drove away with it already.

  6. “I understand now why Paste Pot Pete is so ashamed to always be outsmarted by this guy.”

    PPP couldn’t think of little tubes on his best day. His whole thing is bigger tubes. He’s like “And then if I carry a big glue tank around on my back, I can have gigantic tubes! It’s perfect!” I bet he’s overcompensating for something.