The Shadow and the Knight Is Pretty Awesome



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’m taking a look at another great comic that never actually happened, but this time, it’s not one that Rusty and I made up. Instead, I posted some amazing pieces commissioned by Randy Saitta depicting an imaginary Bronze Age team-up book featuring Batman and the Shadow!

I flat-out love these things. Not just for the art, which is great–Saitta’s gotten some amazing artists to do his “covers”–but for the fact that he went so far as to create a logo, slap a Comics Code stamp on them, and even get a DC logo and a price that firmly places them in 1973, when DC was actually publishing the Shadow. It’s a great idea, and if I had a ton of money, I would totally do this exact kind of thing.

Except that mine would probably be “The Fury and the Devil,” starring Herbie Popnecker and Devil Dinosaur.

8 thoughts on “The Shadow and the Knight Is Pretty Awesome

  1. Hey, that’s the same year Batman actually did team up with the Shadow, in the first of a couple Bronze Age team-ups between the two in the regular Batman title. So it’s a great comic that kinda DID happen, just in not quite this way.

  2. Yes, but there was not a dedicated team-up title starring the two of them, a la World’s Finest. That’s what I’m getting at here.

  3. It’s a shame those cross genre team-ups from the 70’s will never get reprinted. I kind of want to see that Shadow/Batman team, Spider-Man join forces with Red Sonja, or the Thing meet Doc Savage. Admittedly only the Shadow/Batman team will probably be any good but I’m still curious…

  4. Well there is that Batman/Doc Savage/Spirit crossover mini right now that looks pretty good.

  5. When Batman meets the Punisher, Big Frank ends up tasting the curb.

    When Batman meets Spawn, Spawn ends up with a batarang lodged in his head.

    When Batman meets the Shadow, Shadow receives a hearty handshake and a sincere thank-you for being so awesome.

    Respect the Master of Darkness.

  6. Batman shook hands with Spider-Man, too…but I’m guessing every long-running hero gets only one.

  7. I think the question we’re all asking is whether such a title would feature a pick-up game of baseball between Batman, Robin, and the Shadow.