The Unmatched Power of Ultrax!

Despite the fact that it’s Thursday night, I’m going to hold off on reviewing the comics. After all, I haven’t had a chance to read them myself yet, and while I’m pretty sure nobody would notice if I just guessed at ’em–“Boy, Casanova sure was good! Again!”–it just wouldn’t be right. Thus, reviews’ll be up tomorrow, along with another stirring installment of Friday Night Fights.

In the meantime, however, I’m going to do one better than talk about brand-new comics, and talk about a comic that hasn’t even come out yet! Specifically… mine!

Yes, as you might remember from a previous post, I’ve got a story coming soon from the dynamic digital demagogues of the FlashBack Universe called “…SO FALLS THE WORLD!” where a couple of guys called The Creature and Wildcard take on an unstoppable alien gladiator bent on galactic domination.

So in other words, it’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect me to write. But tonight, since “Slim” Jim Shelley’s already got info up about the heroes, I thought I might take this opportunity to bring on the bad guy.

Ladies and gentlemen…





Ultrax, as you might expect, is the villain of the story, and as should be obvious from the picture above, he has what is without a doubt the illest hat in the history of comics.

Also of note, that’s the first piece of art that “Jazzy” Jerry Hinds did for the story, and I think he pretty much nailed it right out of the gate. I mean really, a guy who travels through space conquering planets who still has time to show off his abs? That’s got to be better than dressing up as a clownish marionette in the grand hierarchy of villainy.

But what is it that drives him to throw down with two of Earth’s greatest heroes? Well, here’s the Official Handbook version:



As a warlord of the Xulian Empire, Ultrax has only one function: Conquest, through brutal displays of his boundless strength.

Essentially, he’s a modern-day Goliath, traveling from planet to planet with his “legal advisor,” the Counselor, defeating the champions of a hundred worlds in single combat, forcing their leaders to join the ranks of his ever-expanding empire and enjoying the vast rewards of his power-hungry homeworld. And now, he’s set his sights… on Earth.

Can anyone hope to stop him? No! But any two might just have a chance, especially if it’s Nick Flint–better known as the hard-hittin’ Hellraiser, the Creature–and the most high-stakes hero of ’em all, Wildcard! But if those two should fall…




Right, so if that sounds interesting at all, look for it soon, and rest assured that I’ll be the first to let you guys know when it finally drops.

Until then, though, feel free to catch up on the rest of the FBU. As always, they’re completely free to download, but if you like them enough that you want to see more–and more written by me, naturally, including a Christmas Special that should hit about one year from now–feel free to make a donation to keep us going.

Because seriously:



The hat alone is worth a buck thirty, right?

25 thoughts on “The Unmatched Power of Ultrax!

  1. I always felt that there was something missing when I saw Chewbacca. Now, now I know that his bandolier should have been halter top all along. Kudos, Chris. Kudos.

  2. After your original post about your FBU comic, and a certain couple of posts on the FBU-Blog, I tried to follow in your footsteps, as any good stalk–er-ee-um-uh, FAN! would do. I wrote a script for them, but jumped the gun and did an original instead of using their chars…anyhoo, now I have a script and outline for more, but no artist. You wouldn’t happen to know someone who works for free and/or something intangible, would you?

  3. I am rather curious how you joined the motly band from the Flashback Universe, Chris.

    On the subject of Ultrax the Unconquered (Because with a title like that you have to use it as often as possible), I am curious how much description you put into his design, because he seems very Kirby-esque. ^^

  4. Well, FBU is already pretty Kirby, so I think it’s more a matter of the meeting of kindred spirits than a particularly Sims-directed Kirbification.


    I’m just gonna go write ‘I will not write a Silver Surfer for the FBU’ on the chalkboard 100 times now.


    SHUT UP, MUSE. I will not write Terrorsaurus Rex instead!

    I don’t care how much I want to be Peter David when I grow up.

  5. Totally-Not-Galactus vs. Totally-Not-The-Thing and Totally-Not-Spiderman.
    What, no love for the Totally-Not-DCU?
    It is a nice hat though. I like the Galaxy medallion insert, though the loin-cloth muffin-top is less god.

  6. Essentially, he’s a modern-day Goliath … defeating the champions of a hundred worlds in single combat…

    Wait! So how come there’s two good guys going up against him? That’s cheating!

    So even if they win, that still means he’s Unconquered in single combat.

    And yes, the hat does look bad. Or ill. Or groovy. Or whatever it is you young’uns call it nowadays.

  7. A wonderfully silly costume. Couldn’t really expect much less from you. Good luck on the story. I’m definitely looking forward to how the hell he uses that weapon he’s holding… Looks like some kind of bizarre police baton.

    I tried to get involved in the Flashback Universe myself. I sent a couple of ideas around after I was asked to try and work out a background for the Raven, but except the concept that he is a witch doctor they didn’t really agree with what I had in mind.

    I don’t mean to sound snarky or anything, but it really seemed like after I said the witch doctor thing he clearly had his own idea in his head for the Raven’s backstory.

    I have other ideas (dark, brooding heroes aren’t exactly my forte, so I did my best with what I had), but I don’t think he’d be willing to go for em after this.

    …’Kay, sorry for turning the comments section into my whiny Myspace, I’ll stop now.

  8. I am rather curious how you joined the motly band from the Flashback Universe, Chris.

    Well, that’s easy enough to answer: Not to sound too egotistical about it or anything, but I’m a small part of the reason why the whole thing exists.

    See, Jim Shelley’s a real-life friend of mine, and a couple of years ago, I got him Essential Marvel Two-In-One for Christmas. He’d already been thinking about comics moving towards a digital format and distribution, but reading through those stories sort of crystallized what he was trying to go for. Thus, the FlashBack Universe, or as it’s occasionally known, “Totally-Not-1970s-Marvel.”

    Given that, and my love for the era, the fact that I’m not completely inept at aping Bill Mantlo, and the fact that I’m in a position to actually hang out with Jim, talk stuff over and feel him out for ideas I’ve got, it was sort of a natural progression.

    Totally-Not-Galactus vs. Totally-Not-The-Thing and Totally-Not-Spider-Man.

    Actually, Ultrax (the Unconquered) was inspired less by Galactus than by The Champion of the Universe from MTIO Annual #7, which is probably going to be pretty glaringly obvious once it actually comes out.

  9. That MTIO Annual rocked. I believe my favorite part was Doc Samson getting knocked out by a training robot before he even had a chance to step into the ring with the Champion. That’s the Doc Samson I love best.

  10. Sounds great, Chris!

    I’m also getting the impression from some of the posters that they accept writing submissions/ideas?

  11. I have to say, and this is nothing against you or the artist, but, Ultrax bears a striking resemblance to the Tortured Soul boss from Dragon Quest VIII. Obviously, the Tortured Soul has no fur, and is slightly undead (hence no fur), but take a look at the hat, the staff, and generally speaking the way he stands in the solo pic at the top.

    The critical difference? The Tortured Soul is, decidedly, conquered.

    The following video link included for comparison…
    Really, only the first 45 seconds or so need to be watched.

  12. Man, that hat is driving me nuts!

    There’s some Marvel (probably Kirby) character (no, not Galactus) whose hat is an even closer match to Ultrax’s.

    We’re talking B-level villain; but I can’t place him.

    Rats. It sucks to get old and forgetful.

  13. Immortus?

    That’s it — thanks, Chris.

    All I could key on was the van dyke and the baggy jump suit. I kept thinking The Wingless Wizard — wrong helmet, right face.

  14. Wait, this guy’s based off Tryco Slattery, the champion of the universe? The guy who beat up everyone from the Silver Savage to “Beta Ray” Bill Walters until the Jade Giantess beat him up using both legal skill and punching? The guy Titania crushed with a HUGE rock? Man, Not Spiderman has his work cut out for him.