The Week In Links



Here’s what I wrote this week for CA:

First up, I take a look back at a favorite from my childhood where Spider-Man fights Venom and wins by stripping down and offering his body. There’s an awful lot of subtext in this one, you guys, not the least of which is Eddie Brock making friends with Peter’s aunt and then threatening to out him. I mean, reveal his identity.

David Uzumeri and I continue our breakdown of the Superman films with Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, and while we’ve often run contrary to popular (and wrong) opinions, this one’s just as bad as everyone remembers. Superman is downright creepy.

It’s the end of the month, and that means it’s time for May’s most depressing Funky Winkerbean strips! This time around, Tom Batiuk is doing a story about gay teens attending the prom, and while it’s very uplifting, he still manages to frame it in the context of someone being neglected throughout her childhood by a hateful mother and distant father. It’s a real charmer!

And finally, in this week’s installment of Ask Chris, I talk about why Gunsmith Cats is both one of my favorite comics, and also one of the most problematic. If you’ve read GSC, you probably know where this one is going, but just bear with me. The phrase “Dolemite of Manga” is used.

As always, click on my byline for more articles (including a few short pieces I wrote about some reality show dude and this week’s War Rocket Ajax), and enjoy the weekend!

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