The Week In Links



I’m back from HeroesCon (and have a week before I’m shipped off to the nightmare that is San Diego), so I figured an update into what I’ve been writing for ComicsAlliance might be in order.

First up, I haven’t been linking to War Rocket Ajax for a while since we’re back on iTunes and presumably sent automagically to your computer every Monday, but our last two episodes were a bit out of the ordinary. In March, Dan DiDio celebrated his 10th anniversary as a DC Comics bigwig by talking about his ten favorite comics from that decade, so Matt and I teamed up with CA’s Andy Khouri to do an exhaustive two-part breakdown: Part One, and Part Two. We got a lot of response on it, so let us know what you think!

Over the past year, I’ve added 17 new pieces to my Jack Kirby-themed sketchbook, and a bunch of them came from this year’s HeroesCon. Go check ’em out!

Speaking of HeroesCon, I picked up a bunch of really awesome indie books, and I can’t wait to actually sit down and read them.

I did a couple of fun interviews this week too: the creators of Trip Fantastic (a comic you should be reading) talked to me about their kickstarter and instead of discussing anything about the protagonists, I asked Cullen Bunn and Barry Kitson a bunch of questions that were all about Batroc the Leaper. As it should be.

Finally, a couple of new installments of Ask Chris: One on why Arcade rules even though he’s not that great at killing good guys, and one on an obscure but very interesting Batman story that reflects the evolution of comic book storytelling.

As always, click on my name on any CA article to bring up the entire archive of stuff that I’ve written (I write two columns a day and don’t always link to them), and enjoy!

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