The Worst of Netflix: Gene Generation



It’s the Worst of Netflix One-Year Worstiversary! And to celebrate I… Well, I forgot about it until after I was done reviewing this week’s selection, The Gene Generation, a sci-fi epic starring Crank 2‘s Bai Ling:

Incidentally, we know right off the bat that it’s a dystopian future because a) everything outside looks like the bastard child of Blade Runner and StarCraft, and b) everyone’s dressed like they’re going to the worst party at Comic-Con.

Also, this one has one of my favorite lines I’ve written for the column. See if you can pick it out, and here’s to another twelve months of… me… only watching movies I hate.


Maybe not the best thing to celebrate, that.

13 thoughts on “The Worst of Netflix: Gene Generation

  1. My guess is “The terrifying practice of gene hacking (not to be confused with Gene Hackman, who can also be terrifying).”

  2. It’s possible that Bai Ling arrived in the US earlier than her brother (or that he was born here and she wasn’t) if you were desperate to find an explanation for their different accents. And the movie doesn’t blow that possibility.

    I’m also not sure which is your favorite line, but two of mine are the one about Netflix being like a sharp video clerk and the follow-up where you feel you have to explain to the young’uns what a “video store” was.

  3. My friend was a PA on this movie. He let me know this would be on this list before production even wrapped.

  4. No mention of the fact that Bai Ling was in “The Crow”, where she played sister to a guy who sounded like he was from Buffalo? No love for Top Dollar? Man, that’s harsh.

  5. Like someone else mentioned, I’ve seen this movie and it was so boring that I pretty much forgot everything you wrote about. I do remember the ME from CSI being involved, but aside from that, not much else.

  6. “Based on the comic book series, The DNA Hacker Chronicles.” I assume there’s a reason I’ve never heard of this series?

  7. Great as usual, though also (mercifully for you, sadly for us) short, too. I’m guessing a word-count limit, or is that the sheer top limit on what you can summon up week-to-week.

    Regardless, for what it’s worth, you can set up a separate account on Netflix if you want your main to remain untainted. I do that with TV shows, and it amuses me to think my mailman thinks I have a child named “Television.”

  8. My favorite – “Rondo Hatton: the Hair Metal Years” That was the cherry atop my memories of the MSTed Brute Man

  9. You’ve been a really good sport with these horrible movies over the last year, Chris. You deserve a pat on the back.

    But a movie starring Bai Ling? A lesser man would break after that. Which means you have earned more than a pat on the back. You have earned…the Slow Clap.



    Clap…clap…clap clap clapclapclapclapclap WOOOOOO!!!!!

  10. I haven’t seen this movie, but I know its kind. The action movie that does in fact have a good deal of what you could call “action”, but manages to make it unbelievably boring and dreary.