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Here’s what I wrote this week!

The dubiously named “One Million Moms” are mad about X-Men getting gay married, because of course they are. I don’t usually link to the shorter articles I write to CA, but I know how much everyone loves it when I do some bitter moralizing, so this one’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Also, probably the only response to those idiots that involves references to both the Fresh Prince and Naughty By Nature. You can just mail me the Pulitzer.

Along the same lines, Matt Wilson and I lay odds on who DC’s bringing out of the closet! Keep in mind that these are 100% official, comprehensive odds, and that it will definitely be someone on this list.

Speaking of Matt, have you been listening to War Rocket Ajax? This week we talked to John Rogers about Dungeons & Dragons, Thrillbent, and the two years he spent writing the Catwoman movie. Yes, that Catwoman movie. Also, the show’s in iTunes, so listen, subscribe, write reviews, tell your friends, buy us presents, etc.

In another titanic team-up, David Uzumeri and I finished watching the Supergirl movie, and it somehow got even crazier than it already was.

Also, Superman faces “The Rainbow Doom” in a Bizarro Back Issue from 1955, and it only just now occurs to me that this entire story exists because of the Rainbow Room nightclub.

Finally, back on the mutant marriage tip, this week’s Ask Chris focuses on my favorite super-hero wedding. Long-time ISB readers might remember me talking about this one, but I have a feeling that for most of you, it’s not what you’d expect.

Give ’em a read, enjoy ’em, and enjoy the weekend!

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