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Time for my usual round of self-promotion with this week’s round of columns:

First up, I deal with the pain and loss of GI Joe: Retaliation being pushed back ’til next year by reminding myself that more Joe is not always a good thing. Case in point: GI Joe: Series 2 and the Joes’ battle with Serpent-Man, the Cobra Super-Hero.

For a cartoon about super-heroes that’s a little less awful, I found Superman vs. The Elite to be surprisingly enjoyable, which is a surprise given how much I hate that original story. Don’t worry, I go into detail about my hate. This is still the Internet, after all.

Uzi and i were going to move on to Superman Returns, but Laura Hudson’s last act as our boss was to find a copy of Shaquille O’Neal’s classic Steel, in all its VHS glory. So that’s what we’re watching now.

For those of you who came away from Batman #10 with questions, I wrote a brief history of Batman’s newly revealed enemy, charting his appearances from the Bronze Age up through today. There aren’t many, for obvious reasons.

In this week’s Ask Chris, a simple question sets me off on a highfalutin’ examination of how comics work and how only I am smart enough to understand them. Wait, that’s every week. This time, it’s about the “Imaginary Story” and why continuity has to work.

And finally, one of my shorter posts, I got an advance review copy of Mountain Dew’s Batman flavor, and tried it out. Please enjoy the moral implications.

As always, you can click on my name at the top of each article and see everything I’ve written. Enjoy!

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