12 thoughts on “Vacation Week, Day Four: Devastating Dinosaur Kicks!

  1. The filthy naked ape-dwarf’s function is to goad Devil Dinosaur into kicking other dinosaurs. Kind of like a prehistoric Bobby “the Brain” Heenan. What else is he there for?

  2. I totally had a friend buy this for me as a wedding gift based on the pure awesome that you showed it to be on this site.

    This truly is the perfect book, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than explaining who Kirby was, why he was king, how important he was and then using a giant red dinosaur kicking a robot god in the face as proof.

  3. I always wondered when DD and Moon Boy would run into a monolith…thus, prompting DD to kick it over the horizon.

    Maybe that’s in Kubrick’s super-secret Director’s Cut of “2001”

  4. ok, so if moon boy is a pre-historic Bobby “the Brain” Heenan that would make Devil Dinosaur…

    …Andre the Giant? King Kong Bundy? Hmmm…

  5. Red as he is, it must be Nikolai Volkoff :P

    Either way, I want to see him swing the chair with those stubby little T-Rex arms…

  6. Oddly, indirectly, Devil Dinosaur was defeated by the monoliths!
    Tis true, and five points to the first person with the correct explination.