Vacation Week, Day Seven: Isn’t AIM Cool?



True Fact: The Falcon hates the sinister beekeepers of AIM. I mean, we probably could’ve assumed that, but thanks to Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting and Mike Perkins and this week’s Captain America #29, we now know for sure.

Another question answered in that issue:


What do Agents of SHIELD do when they get bored on the Helicarrier?



They Read The ISB
(And Possibly The Rack)


Not a dream. Not a hoax. Not a photoshop. The ISB is now in continuity.

51 thoughts on “Vacation Week, Day Seven: Isn’t AIM Cool?

  1. Well, we knew S.H.I.E.L.D. was getting their intelligence from somewhere. Ask for royalties, Chris!

    (Or at least, take it out in trade. Have them short-sheet Campbell’s bed. (Send Jasper Sitwell — he could use the experience.))

  2. Seriously… you should hope for a swift and painless death in the near future, because it’s all downhill from here.

    Congratulations. :-)

  3. Now, that is some serious birthday present.

    Congrats, Chris!

    How does it feel to know that fictional people could be reading your blog right now? Not just S.H.I.E.L.D., man — you know Reed Richard is tuning in, too.

    Dr. Doom has subscribed to your RSS feed.

  4. The Marvel Universe’s Chris Sims is actually their version of Oracle. Tony Stark was in the middle of getting intel on Batroc before he was interrupted.

  5. Hot damn, Sims! Now if they’ll just put you in the Official Guide, you’ll have nothing left to accomplish in this world.

    Now I just need She-Hulk or somebody to fight a lame group called the International Society of Supervillains…

  6. Wow.
    So, considering you’re one of sheild’s primary information sources, can you “encourage” them to use the agents of atlas and the new scorpion more often?

    Use this power wisely.

  7. Nicely done, sir!

    I regularly stop by as an agent of Hydra, but we aren’t the media darlings that SHIELD are. The best we can do for you is an employee discount at the store we buy green fabric from.

    We have to go somewhere else for yellow.

  8. Do you know what this means, Sims?

    You’ll have to register due to your super-awesomeness.

  9. In case I didn’t mention it when you first brought this to my attention, this is all kinds of awesome!

  10. Of course, this means that SHIELD is getting ready to covertly kick your ass for daring to mock Nick Fury’s rocket-powered motorcycle.

  11. For lovers of indicia, that means Chris is now a Marvel trademarked character! Get ready for the Chris mini-series and the Marvel Legends Chris action figure.

  12. It astounds me that a comic with main character dead can be so good. I look forward to it each month. I love seeing supporting characters shine.

    And look, they still have time to make the Chris Sims’ day/month/year/life all the more awesome.

  13. How did you make it past their site filter given your reviews of Tarot?!

    Don’t hurt’em Hammer

  14. After reading the ISB, Tony Stark’s first thought would likely be this:

    “We definitely need to put money in this ‘One Man Army Corps’ concept.”

    Awesome, man. I completely missed that on my first read of the new Cap. I wonder who we credit for bringing us that awesome?

  15. I bet the panel change after this means we missed Tony Stark saying: “Ah, Sims… my old enemy.”

    (That, or “Chris thinks I’m an asshat?!!“)

    It makes me proud that I live in the same city that Ed Brubaker calls home.

  16. I DEMAND a Marvel Two-in-One with 616-Sims teamed up with 616-Neal Conan in a story they had to call “When Titans Clash!!!”

  17. Now you’re in continuity, maybe you’ll be like Morrisson’s ‘The Writer’ and end up being written about by complete strangers and turning up in Suicide Squad…er, Thunderbolts.

    (Thanks to Dave Campbell for pointing out that issue of SS)

  18. Now that’s a birthday present.
    Definitely makes that macaroni picture of Pirate Batman I was going to send you look like crap.

  19. Man. That is so cool. And that it’s in one of Marvel’s better books as of late must make just that much sweeter.

    You swing large, young man.

  20. The dialouge (taken out of the context of the comic) seemed to me like they were watching a dirty video of Sin and the Serpent Squad.

    Then I saw the pic in the background and it was wonderful! What post is it actually ?

  21. Actually, the SHIELD intel gatherers are probably saying “What the hell is a Jimmy Olsen? Or a Legion of Superheroes? Anyone?”

  22. I wonder who we credit for bringing us that awesome?

    That would be Cap artist and all around helluvaguy Steve Epting who, and I quote, “needed something to fill those screens,” which subsequently led to me flipping right out when he showed me on Wednesday.

  23. It just occurred to me that I could have made your life complete by using an ISB page that featured MODOK. But it’s probably better I didn’t – that would simply be too much awesome to be contained in a single panel.

    Also, it’s a good thing there was a kick to the face in this issue so that it would fit in with the Birthday week theme!

  24. “The dialouge (taken out of the context of the comic) seemed to me like they were watching a dirty video of Sin and the Serpent Squad.”

    Oh thank god I wasn’t the only one :D

  25. Hrm… Firstly, congratulations. You deserve to infect the world of comic books which dominates your life, in a strange reverse flow of corruption, like an ouroboros consuming its own tail.
    Secondly, you must only use this power for great good…. Like maybe causing SHIELD to take MODOK seriously.

  26. Aw, I’m way late with my congratulations. :( Stupid vacation. And just think- by being name-dropped in a Marvel book, you’re one step closer in the Six Degrees of Separation game to Anita Blake. That’s gotta put a tingle in your shorts, yeah?

  27. If SHIELD read the ISB does that mean they’ll read ROM week and wonder what happened to him?