Vacation Week, Day Two: It’s My Birthday!



As you can probably guess from the post title and the panel above, I turned 25 years old today, and in honor of that occasion, I’m taking a break from this week’s parade of kicks to the face for something equally as awesome:


Robot Jimmy Olsen Karate Chopping Two Thugs At Once



The Daily Planet’s Invincible Cyborg Overlord and Superman’s Silver Anniversary can be found in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #70, and while none of you attempted to trick me into thinking you’d discovered a new and deadly radioactive substance, I’m still glad you’re all here to celebrate with me.

Thanks for reading everybody, and here’s to another year!



BONUS FEATURE: Have Some Cake!


…or at least go look at the nice things some people put up for my birtthday:


Doctor K looks for the perfect present.

Kevin dusts off a classic.

Bitter Andrew offers me the perfect combination: Music and Violence.

Team Smithy discovers the single greatest photograph in the history of the universe.

Dave Campbell classes up the joint, as usual.

Mark Hale sends .45 caliber good cheer straight into my braincase.


Thanks again, everybody! In all seriousness, you guys are great. But no, you cannot have cake.

The cake is mine.

47 thoughts on “Vacation Week, Day Two: It’s My Birthday!

  1. best panel ever?

    happy birthday dude thanks for cracking me up and wasting my time on a regular basis

  2. happy birthday, Chris!

    you’re only 25? I thought you’d be older. but then I think everyone on the net is way older than I am.

  3. Ah, old-age. Before long, it’ll be a wife, kids, diapers, soccer games, mortgages, car payments, taxes, and no time for the ISB. But until then, I’ll enjoy it. :-)

  4. happy birthday, ya mug.

    i look at your site before i check out the happenings of the world in reputable news publications, my own email or pretty much anything else that has real use. for real life. with real benefits.

    and for that, i thank you.

  5. (Raises can of PBR in toast)

    Happy Birthday, Chris! Here’s to another year of awesomeness!

  6. Wow, you’re only 25? I remember when I was 25. We didn’t have any big summer movies like Transformers. No, we only had the Prestige. You kids don’t know how good you’ve got it these days.

    Happy Birthday, Chris.

  7. Happy quarter-century, Mr Sims. Polar bears are getting chin-checked in your honour all over the world tonight… Here’s to many more!



  8. Hey you turned 25 this month! I turned 24!! Congrats Chris. . I’ll catch up to you soon enough. . .

  9. Looks like Silver Kryponite gets him stoned.

    Happy Birthday!

    My younger bro’s birthday is today (the 13th).

    Of course, he just turned 34 and I think HE’s young, so that makes you a punk kid.



    Happy 25th!
    Hookers wearing silver thongs are all for you!


  10. Sims!

    I have come from the future…

    … to wish you a happy birthday!

    In my time, you are THIRTY years of age; and all is not well…

  11. Happy birthday, Chris!

    And congrats on sharing a birthday with the likes of Pete Sampras and Sir Mix-a-Lot (according to Wikipedia, at least).

  12. 25 years old!

    Quick! Into the Lazarus Pit with him!

    (Enjoy that half hour of madness afterwards, Chris! Happy Birthday!)