13 thoughts on “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ’90S!

  1. Oh my God, I am so old. I wasn’t even that young when I saw that ad the first time.

  2. Jesus, what’s that horrible stench? Oh God, it’s the Nineties. Get it out of the house before it ruins the carpet.

  3. I do appreciate that they weren’t too metal or X-treme or whatever to use the apostrophe correctly in the abbreviation of that particular decade

  4. Ah man, I followed Evan’s link too and was reminded about Bevis, Butthead and my intense and undying hatred of them. Seriously, stoned morons wouldnt shut up during decent film clips /movies/bands etc during my real outside life, why on earth would I want them doing that on my tv as well? I mean, I can kind of understand (almost) the fashion of `x-treme!!’ but, B&B were just, what the fuck?? for me.

  5. I can promise you that anything Beavis and Butt-head kept you form hearing was nowhere near decent.

    I saw this ad in a Cyclops and Phoenix (shut up) issue a few months ago and had a long laugh. The ’90s only had two settings: hilarious and awesome. I’d say this ad was actually both.

  6. Oh and I’m pretty sure this ad came out when Wolverine actually had bone claws.