War Rocket Ajax #28: So Silver Age with Tom Katers



In this week’s installment of War Rocket Ajax, Euge and I are joined by podcaster, columnist and Silver Age Fan Supreme Tom Katers–not just for the interview, but for the entire show!

Join us as we discuss just what defines the Silver Age, the hazards of putting a mouse’s brain in Frankenstein’s body, and why my growing (re)obsession with D&D makes me a real-life counterpart to Dr. Alchemy. Plus, this week’s show includes what is unquestionably the smarmiest installment of Big Ups to All My Haters ever–and that’s saying something.

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2 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #28: So Silver Age with Tom Katers

  1. Ohboyohboyohboy… I’ve been out of work for the last several months, and in that time (thanks to a brief mention of Monsieur Katers in a Warrock episode waaay back) I have listened to every single Tom vs JLA, Tom Vs Flash, and even every episode of AC (except for the 3 done by a class of students…)
    Tom has reached garisson Keeler (sp?) status in my mind’s eye; (I grew up tv-less and listening to PHC) and I can’t think of anything more exciting than hearing Chris Euge and Tom exploring life the universe and everything.
    Much respect! Now if only I could see a crayon rendered “Tom Katers in 30..er 60 seconds”, my brain would explode!