War Rocket Ajax #30: Oh Margo with Josh Fruhlinger



This week, War Rocket Ajax hits the comics page as Euge and I interview Josh Fruhlinger, the Internet’s own Comics Curmudgeon!

Josh is one of the most entertaining bloggers around, and on this week’s show, you’ll hear us talk to him about just why Funky Winkerbean is so damn depressing, the timeless allure of Margo, Bitch-Queen of Apartment 3G, and just how he spent the past 5 years building a devoted, polite audience, while I’ve somehow ended up with a mob of cretins who are constantly out for my blood. Not you guys, though. You guys are pretty cool.

Plus, Euge and I finally see Iron Man 2, I swoon over shirtless Batman, and I Big Up a record-breaking amount of haters! Head over to WarRocketAjax.com to stream it now, or catch the iTunes feed when it updates this afternoon! And hey, if you haven’t already, why not write us an iTunes review or leave a comment?

6 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #30: Oh Margo with Josh Fruhlinger

  1. Polite? Eh. Comics Curmudgeon posters are nice-ish now, but there is a long history of cliquish bullying with a small group of regulars. That sounds like I’m joking, but I’m actually not. Josh very justifiably lost it and called one of them an asshole a while back. Tears were shed.