War Rocket Ajax #35: Truckopathic Powers With Brian Clevinger



War Rocket Ajax is back with our pre-San Diego Comic-Con Spectacular where we don’t actually talk about San Diego at all! Instead, we invite Atomic Robo writer Brian Clevinger to sit down and chat about Robo’s mouth, his plans for the Infinity Gauntlet, and how not to get fired by Marvel Comics!

Also, join us as I do my best to explain Alvin Greene to non-South Carolinians, delve into my thoughts on Superman #701, and offer up an extremely detailed summary of the greatest trucking comic ever printed, U.S. 1!

Click the link above to download or stream this week’s episode, or catch it when the iTunes feed updates later tonight!

3 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #35: Truckopathic Powers With Brian Clevinger

  1. Chris, you should know that’s it’s all your fault that I just bought every issue of US 1 to create a custom hardcover bind. It will even have the 2-part She-Hulk issues tossed in as well. It will be the best book ever.