War Rocket Ajax: The 75th Annual Gordie Awards!



War Rocket Ajax is back for 2012, and to kick things off right, we’ve got the 75th Annual Gordie Awards for the best and worst of 2011, with categories suggested by our listeners! As a result we avoid all that tired “Best Comic” and “Favorite Hero” nonsense and go straight to “Worst Thing Laura Hudson Did To Chris” and “Best Use of a Character You Hate.” It’s a good time.

And — Gasp! What’s this?! Could it be that War Rocket Ajax is back on iTunes at last?! It is! So if you used to subscribe, please re-up and if you feel like it, write us a review.

Also, just so I don’t have to write a whole other post about it, this week’s episode of Japanese Spider-Man is maybe the best Spider-Man story of all time. There is a steel cage deathmatch, you guys. Seriously.

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