Warrior Wisdom Fridays #1



As a service to our readership, each installment of Warrior Wisdom Fridays will provide an inspirational (and actual) quote from the Ultimate Warrior so that those who read it may take it to heart and reflect on how it may improve their lives. Installments of WWF should be accompanied by fifteen to twenty minutes of meditation and reflection, aided by soft music or strong herbal tea.

Hat tip to Dr. K for helping name the feature.

37 thoughts on “Warrior Wisdom Fridays #1

  1. I endorse not only this feature, but the wisdom you show in restricting it to one morsel per week lest our non-Ultimate minds be irrevocably blown.

  2. I forsee WWFian to be the religion that finally supplants both “Klingon” and “Jedi” on internet surveys of faith.

  3. oh man, this is nigh inexhaustible as a source for laughs. the Warrior was a looney tune.

  4. I prefer his public speaking gigs or the truly crazy crap in his comic. I mean lots of wrestlers spout total nonsense (though none at The Warriors’ level) so you can pass it off as him just working. But when he starts going off on pseudo-Objectivist rants that even Steve Ditko or Alan Greenspan would reject, thats when the crazy really comes to the front…

  5. I just realized that the acronym for this is W.W.F., which is the same name used for…a filthy panda-loving animal-lover group.

  6. I would support this, but I’m hoping you’ll return to the Friday Night Fights. The next tournament is right up your alley, I would think.

    Seriously. It’d be a goddamn crime to deprive FnF of your passion and expertise on the subject.


    I’ve always wondered. Is the C in Destrucity a hard c or soft c? I think the hard c sounds funnier, personally.

    But YES, I want to see more Warrior Wisdom!

    Whatever happenned to this guy, anyway?

  8. First thing I did was to start reading the text exactly how I figured Warrior would. Thanks Chris!

  9. LurkerWithout: I’d say Warrior’s promos and such still manage to transcend their format, as it were. Other wrestlers try to work the crowd, Warrior is going off into abstract beat poetry about the nature of “heat”.

  10. As a youngster who knows not the ways of the old wrestling world…

    Holy shit, an actual person said these actual words on an actual TV show?

  11. Warrior was completely insane. Or is completely insane. He was part of the only geniune surprise I ever had concerning wrestling: when he pinned Hulk Hogan in wrestlmania # whatever. I seriously did not see that one coming.

  12. I think the only reason I never thought the Ultimate Warrior was insane when I was a kid was because I could never understand what the Hell he was saying.

  13. I don’t know how I got through life so far without a weekly dose of the insane rantings of the Ultimate Warrior.

    Once again, I’m convinced me and Chris Sims are long-lost brothers(same last name too).

  14. Like all great thinkers and philosophers, Warrior may seem insane…….but look deeper …. a little deeper than you normally do as you go through your ho-hum life ….and you will see he speaks TRUTH!

    Load the spaceship with the rocket fuel.

  15. I used to have a large ultimate warrior stuffed toy that was the same size as my tiny kid self. we would regularly wrestle and he would bestow upon me, during every match, a small bit of his wisdom. I am looking forward to every warrior wisdom friday.

  16. Man, I just saw this a couple weeks back in the vignettes section of the Macho Man DVD set’s bonus features (disc 3). The insanity of the quote is Really amplified by how Incredibly long he takes to deliver it! Nice work!