Warrior Wisdom Fridays #9



As a service to our readership, each installment of Warrior Wisdom Fridays will provide an inspirational (and actual) quote from the Ultimate Warrior so that those who read it may take it to heart and reflect on how it may improve their lives. Installments of WWF should be accompanied by fifteen to twenty minutes of meditation and reflection, aided by soft music or strong herbal tea.

12 thoughts on “Warrior Wisdom Fridays #9

  1. If we all, and I mean everybody, adopted the Warrior’s wisdom, what could not be accomplished? House cleaning? Easy. Diaper changing? A synch. Dishes? Scrub ’em brother. Old lady’s, little kids, priests, carpet salesman…all of them fearless, “acepting any and all challenges at the cost of losing everything!”

  2. Wow, this is the best one yet!

    I can’t help but imagine this passion play adapted to the medium of Broadway Musicals.

    “Hoakogan… Super-Star! Who does the Warrior think you are…?

    Hoakogan, Hoakogan! When in the world will you Job again?”

  3. WoW, I actually have seen this one last tuesday… Wrestlemania 6 :)

    But I have to say HOAKHOGAN’s (Warrior’s opponent in the main event) statement was equaly not understandable, at least for a nonnativ speaker like me ;)

  4. I remember Mean Gene commenting that when they had Macho Man going against him it was impossible for the interview segments to tell any kind of story because nobody knew what the hell either one of them was talking about.

  5. The more of these I hear, the more it seems that the Ultimate Warrior is actually in love with Hulk Hogan, but is so charged with manly testosterone that he is unable to deal with these new, terrifying emotions.

    So, like many men in his position, he deals with the inner turmoil by screaming cliches and theorizing on the nature of time and its impact on the longevity of 13 year old boys wanting to wear your face on a t-shirt.

    I guess it’s better than starting wars against Muslims, at any rate.

  6. So are any of Warrior’s non-wrestling quotes eligible? Because his classic wisdom on gay marriage, “Queerin’ don’t make the world work” certainly deserves more attention.