Watch Me On The Daily Show For Like 20 Seconds



In case you weren’t able to catch my appearance on The Daily Show on Tuesday — or in the extremely unlikely event that you somehow managed to miss my cross-platform self-promotional blitz — don’t fret: you can catch the video here, along with a rundown fro CA’s Andy Khouri wherein the very idea of a Professional Batmanologist confronting bigotry on television is hailed as a sign of the end of Western civilization as we know it. Which it probably is.

Also, I wrote up some thoughts on what the actual experience of filming was like. I did not, however, mention that the while I was hanging out at the TDS offices waiting for my car to the airport, the were totally having a cheesecake party. I was invited to enjoy, but totally full from lunch.

Next time, New York Cheesecake! Next time!

10 thoughts on “Watch Me On The Daily Show For Like 20 Seconds

  1. Chris! You were actually in New York and you didn’t sample the cheesecake…? Damn.

    And this is a normally NYC-hatin’ Bostonian saying this, too.

  2. Chris, I am so thrilled for you! What a rush that must have been! It’s one thing to be on television, but quite another to be recognized as an expert in the field of your heart’s desire. I’ve been reading your blog for some years now, and I enjoy your articles over at CA – keep it up, man! Your work is fantastic!

  3. I did watch and enjoy the show,and I think it’s totally cool….but why did they bother? I don’t mean that as a slight on you,but why did they bring in someone from several states away and interview him for two hours when they could just put a Green Lantern shirt on some intern and have him play the part of a comic book geek? It seems counter productive.

  4. Because everything — everything — at The Daily Show is top-drawer.

    Bringing in The Real McCoy makes their fake news smell more authentic than the real thing.

  5. Once again big congrats for turning what once was a hobby into a career. As I’ve said before, you’re an inspiration; I have spent the day making paper-mache lettuce and cabbages for a Ladybugs Picnic kids music show Im doing for a garden festival, thanks to you!

  6. Chris, I was wondering, where was your segment filmed, exactly? The set looks to have a lot of Batman stuff on it, as a Senior Batmanologist’s office might.

  7. Chris,

    Nicely done… That’s nearly 5 times as long as I was on the Daily Show for! (I asked Donald Rumsfeld a question at his fairwell address, and he responded “Gee…” which was part of a medley of him answering everything from his carreer with “Hokey Colloquilisms that Almost got us All Killed”)


  8. Awesome. But wha don’t yuh sound moah Southren, is what Ah wanna know, sugah?

  9. In all honesty, you looked fine, Chris. Also, you benefited by not being a lunatic. Of course, standing next to Aasif Mandvi would make anyone suffer by comparison.