39 thoughts on “Who Has Two Thumbs, a Robot Falcon, and is Totally Awesome?

  1. I have nothing to say.

    Oh wait, yes I do.


  2. If he doesn’t show up in Guardians of the Galaxy…

    Well, I can’t finish that thought because I don’t want to ping Homeland Security again.

  3. I just like the fact that his spurs are black, LIKE THE HEARTS OF HIS ENEMIES.

    Seriously, can’t we get him, ROM, and US-1 in the Guardians somehow?

  4. Okay. This is weird. I saw that book sitting front and center on the shelves at Comic Relief yesterday while I was waiting on line for my free comics.


    I’m sure I must read it back in the day, but I have absolutely no memory of it.

  5. It’s pretty sick how in 2 of the 3 pics of that dwarf, he’s all legs spread and presenting like a whore.

  6. Just think how much more awesome recent DC events would’ve been with that Monark instead of the other shitty one.

  7. I completely love this comic. Honestly – it’s one of the first comics I remember buying and the whole Sergio Leone in outer space thing with a robot bird named Ulysseus? Lasting effects -terrible, beautiful lasting effects.


    Oh, and:

    Who has the dumbest name in comics history? Say it aloud.

    OK: THE MUTT. “Monark Starstalker” is an AWESOME comic-book sci-fi mercenary badass name, especially in 1975. Or ’76- I forget when this came out exactly…

  9. Lets see: garishly coloured tights – CHECK
    Buccaneer boots – CHECK
    Buccaneer gloves – CHECK
    WWE styled belt – CHECK
    Fur lined pimp cape – CHECK
    Weird bicep bracelet – CHECK
    Semiclad space bimbo draped around splayed left leg – CHECK
    Not a bad 70’s effort, really – wait, whaat? SPURS?!? All that and SPURS!?!

  10. Monark, Cody Starbuck, Dominic Fortune, Solomon Kane… and then Reuben Flagg.

    Damn… there was a time when I really liked Chaykin’s stuff.

  11. I’m glad to see that Kraven’s clothing style can easily updated to be quasi-futuristic.
    Obviously Monark’s falcon is the entire basis for the Silverhawks.

    Also, I need to be reading a heck of a lot more savage science fantasy.

  12. To show my age…I get all warm and misty when I see Marvel’s sci-fi (or at least space-themed) comics of the late seventies. This, Star Wars, Captain Marvel, all of that crap. I was barely old enough to read, and my best friend and I used to read and re-read this type of funnybook. Tattered copies of The Human Fly, Captain America, and Spidey Super-Stories littered our basement floors.

    Seeing comics like ol’ Monark’s there reminds me of being four or five years old. (Reminds me in a good way, I hasten to add.)

  13. I must be getting old or something, because when I looked at this, I could have sworn that it said MONKEY Starstalker. Which actually seems to me, to be a very good name.

    But then it would have to be a DC book.

  14. Wow I totally forgot about that comic, one of the first I ever bought. And I just read the Anhilation trades over the weekend – he should have been in THAT.

  15. Hey! Bookrats! Why no love for Lord Ironwolf? The guy Cody Starbuck (presumably) got the “Limerick Rake” from and had best ever named female sidekick- Shebaba O’Neil.
    Hard to believe it’s been twenty years since it was a pleasure to read a new Chaykin comic…

  16. I have never heard of this man before but now I am simply salivating to have him appear in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Please, Abnett and Lanning. Pleeeeease.

  17. How do you pronounce “Monark”? Do you pronounce it like “monarch”, as in king, or do you pronounce it “Mo-nark”?

  18. (still basking in the glow), but when will we get Slash Maraud Week? Just asking….

  19. which is to say I am!

    And yes, I have this.

    And yes, my S.O. now does something similar to to your subject line, but she does it with a different flavor…a la something Chaykin may have written in Black Kiss.

  20. I had this comic as a kid! I bought it in Hudson, Wisconsin on the way to a week-long camping trip at Willow River State Park with my best friends’ family!
    I thought it was awesome at the time…