World Tour: HeroesCon In Charlotte!



This weekend, it’s the big one: HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina, our favorite show of the year! And despite the fact that we’re the only ones who got the Southern Gentlemen makeover on the poster above, we’re not the only ones who will be there: Monster Plus artist JoJo Seames and War Rocket Ajax co-host Matt Wilson will be at the Action Age table, and our resident letterer Josh Krach will be floating around the convention taking in the sights! And just in case that wasn’t enough fun in one spot, we’re right next door to our pals from Agreeable Comics, Kevin Church, Benjamin Birdie and Robin Kimball!, with the creators of Atomic Robo right across the aisle. Plus, Catie Donnelly, who drew the poster above, will be at her own table with plenty of awesome stuff.

Here’s where you can find us:



PLUS: The ComicsAlliance/War Rocket Ajax Q&A Panel Is ON! Matt and I will be taking audience questions and amusing ourselves in front of a crowd for an hour, so if you’re coming to HeroesCon, do not miss it. This’ll be the first time that we’re actually in the same place together while we’re doing our thing, so yeah, it’s going to be pretty special. That happens Saturday at 11:00 AM in Room 206! Plus, I’ll be hosting Sunday’s Comic Twart panel, which should be a good time and a great chance to see some cool art happen.

If you’re in the area, I can’t stress enough that HeroesCon is my all-time favorite comics show, and this year’s should be a great one. Hope to see you there!

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