Wrestler Wisdom Fridays #2



Each week, the ISB endeavors to enlighten our readers by offering the unedited words of the Warrior Scholars of the squared circle, for who among us cannot benefit from the wisdom of Macho Madness, Hulkamania, or the American Dream? The instruction we offer should be considered carefully, meditated on, and applied to one’s own life for the enrichment of the self and others.

10 thoughts on “Wrestler Wisdom Fridays #2

  1. I love the Hulkster as much as a God-fearing, vitamin-eating American can, brother, but “If we are bonded together with the leather man…if we’re bonded together with no one in our way as I strap that flesh?” I think you’d better buy me dinner first, cowboy.

    This may be crazy, but sometimes I think that, for some reason, Chris just picks promos for the Wisdom series that sound funny out of context.


    For those of you who don’t know,the ancient Yapappi Indians used to settle grudges by joining their wrists with a long leather strap,changing the rules mid fight,and finishing with a overbooked mess of a non-finish.

  3. I am shocked and appalled that any commentator would accuse a noble blogger of taking someone’s words out of contet just for the amusement of his audience.

    For shame, Tim C. FOR SHAME.

    (Also, to the other two: are you implying that Vince Russo was an honorary Yapapai chief)?

  4. I’m the guy who usually starts fights by pointing out that the problem with modern wrestling is that it’s all “professional” promotion and only about actual scripted wrestling if there’s still time.

    But after reading so many of these snippets of Wrestler Wisdom, I realize why modern wrestling has turned out this way: the wrestlers themselves are nonsense-spewing, emotionally unbalanced weirdos, who also happen to be able to lift and throw small cars.

    It seems that professional promoters are the only things standing between us and Jettas to the face, brother.

  5. This is good, but it’s still not as awesome as Hulk’s fantastically deranged promo at WrestleMania IV, brother. Only Hulkamania can save Donald Trump’s soul!

  6. If you collect enough of these you can write a book, brother you’re welcome for this NYT best-selling idea Warrior Philosophy Volume 1.

  7. Thank God Donald Trump’s a Hulkamaniac!! Few things can match Hogan’s Galactus level feats of terrestrial destruction from his rant at Wrestlemania IV. From slamming Andre the Giant through Trump Plaza and causing an earth quake that would destroy the Eastern Seaboard of North America to saving millions of drowning Hulkamaniacs on his back as he doggy paddles all the way to safety.

  8. I’m sorry, but when I hear the words “Yapapai”, all I can think of is the opening lyrics to the first season of “Ranma 1/2”, which did indeed go, “Yappapai, Yappapai, Ishanten…”