15 thoughts on “You Tell ‘Em, Pixie Pie!

  1. The way the title’s written on the bottoms of the logo letters makes it look at first glance like “All Men are but Slaves” is Supergirl’s motto or something.

  2. Speaking as a square, I can confirm that I am, in fact, freaked. Now if you’ll excuse me, my duties as The Man force me to go find some inner-city youth in the ’70s to “keep down.”

  3. Pixie Pie strikes again? Please tell me that there are other Pixie Pie-enhanced covers out there.

  4. Don’t save us? We WANT to die? You can see that the guy to the far right is thinking, “Speak for yourself, old man!”

  5. Gahhh! The accursed Pixie Pie vexes me again!! I had thought that the heavy decolletage, frilly hot pants and choker of early 70’s Supergirl would repel that distaff do-gooder! But no matter, it is but a momentary setback. The graffiti-writing guardian of gynocracy will iron my shirts yet!

  6. Should I assume a connection to the “Because It Needs To Be Said” post below?

  7. Please, God, please let the mystery scrawler have Internet access and find this post.

  8. Tim C wins again, but Jason pushed him to the finishline.

    ( Half the pleasure of this blog is reading other peoples witty comments, for me.

    Well, maybe not a full half.)

  9. Don’t save us? We WANT to die?

    I assume they are speaking of the la petit mort here.