ComicsAlliance: Cloning Around



For this week’s article at ComicsAlliance, I turn the spotlight onto duplicates both perfect and imperfect in a round-up of the greatest clones in comics!

There’s a pretty wide selection there (ranging, as it does, from Judge Dredd to Ben Franklin II), but as it’s done in (dubious) honor of Marvel revisiting the Spider-Man Clone Saga this week with an all-new miniseries–yes, really–it gave me the opportunity to put the greatest Spider-Clone of all in there: Webby and Webby-2, the magic mirror duplicates that Dr. Doom made in Spidey Super Stories #25!

Yes: They are even better than Kaine.

So please, enjoy, and if you’ve got a favorite clone in comics… Well, if you can honestly say that you’ve got a favorite clone in comics, I don’t know what to tell you, kiddo.


15 thoughts on “ComicsAlliance: Cloning Around

  1. I cant decide between the clone body of rex-splode that robot made for himself in invincible and the clone body of Prof Xavier the Shi’ar made for him so he could get de-possed by the brood with the SIDE-EFFECT of (eventually) enabeling him to walk again… for a while (until his back was broken again, um, again, I think).

  2. Spidey Super-Stories on the ISB. Rhyming Doctor Doom. Norman Osborne stealing candy from children.

    And, of course, the Thanos-copter.

    We shall not see thy crazy batshit like again, Spidey Super-Stories.

  3. I think I saw Webby in the newest ASM while browsing at my local comics shop. He was choking a woman to death, did he ever do that in Spidey Super-Stories?

  4. Oh my god I LOVED WEBBY back in the day.

    I am feeling so many complicated feelings right now. Hold me.

  5. Alfisback – I think that was Spider-Man under the influence of Mr. Negative in Mr. Negative’s mini series.

  6. My LCS has a nice stock of SSS issues in the back issue bins, some of which aren’t stupidly expensive. The Webby issue is one of them… I may need to pick that up one of these days. The last one I bought had Spidey and Captain America celebrating the bicentennial by trying to stop Kang from preventing the American Revolution. Kang’s reason for wanting to change history? He got mad that a special about the bicentennial pre-empted Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

    God damn do I love Spidey Super Stories.

  7. Also, that panel seems like it could totally be a meme if people not as lazy as me filled in Webby’s word balloon in Photoshop, because Spidey’s response if pretty versatile. It could cover a lot of ground. Like:

    You should never have signed off on Spider-Man 3.

    That I knoowww would be a great response. And so on.

  8. Green Goblin (pushing Gwen Stacey off the bridge): “What idiot decided that we had consensual sex, and you were the mother of my uber-twins!?”

    Gwen: “I KNOOOOOWWWWwwwww!”

  9. For some reason it took your article to make me realize why zombie Ben Franklin in Dr McNinja seemed familiar. SCUD the Disposable Assassin!