Occasionally, readers, podcast listeners, or family members (there is no overlap between that last one and the others) want to buy me a gift! I’ve been trying to get away from using Amazon for all of it since, you know, they’re a fundamentally evil corporation and all that.

Instead, try one of these!

Books I Want: Did you know you can make a wishlist at your local independent bookstore? It’s true! The Regulator is an independent shop in downtown Durham with a great selection and a name that evokes the music of Warren G. What’s not to love?

Roll20: I spend a whole lot of time playing D&D on Roll20’s virtual tabletop, and there’s a ton of great art on there for making maps that I’d love to have more of.

Tabletop Games: My friendly local game store, Atomic Empire, also has a wishlist function. They’re a great shop and offer 20% off on pretty much everything by default.

Everything Else: Undeniable evil aside, Amazon is pretty convenient for things like video games and cooking supplies.