Warrior Wisdom Fridays: Christmas With The Warrior, Part Two



At Christmastime, our selections of the Ultimate Warrior’s inspirational philosophy turn to his thoughts on this, the holiest of seasons, as codified in the text pieces of his 1996 comic book Christmas Special. Please enjoy a glass of eggnog and ruminate on what we may learn here about the true meaning of Christmas.

10 thoughts on “Warrior Wisdom Fridays: Christmas With The Warrior, Part Two

  1. I don’t doubt he has contacts at the North Pole, so much as I doubt “Comicdom” asked the Ultimate Warrior of all people to “set the record straight” about anything.

    And who exactly is giving cases of nude Barbies to whom here?

    You know what? Nevermind.

  2. For some reason I’m just endlessly amused by the use of “stiff” as an insult.

    And isn’t Santa the incarnation of the concept of Goody Two-Shoes?

  3. He should end every rant with “..and stroke this.” because that was priceless.

    Am I right in assuming this is from his website rather than cut from an actual match promo?

  4. As I remember, “stiff” as an insult was pretty widespread in the 70s & 80s; akin to “uptight dickeed”.

    Rather erudite for the Warrior. Was this during his short-lived “Masterpiece Theater” phase? With his smoking jacket, and the book-lined study?

  5. I saw that review as well, Glenn, and it made me glad I stopped getting them (aka the only comic series I ever threw into the trash!) when I did. I’d have to balance my love of the message of Christmas with my desire to punch the Warrior dead in the face for what he did to Santa Claus.

    (Then again, he could probably kick my butt rather easily, so self-preservation would win out. :) )