20 thoughts on “Surf Jams Joker!

  1. I swear, if they don’t reproduce the Batman/Joker surf-off in “The Dark Knight”, there will be hell to pay.

  2. Comissioner Gordon and whatshisname look amazingly like the Pet Shop Boys.

  3. This video must be doing the rounds again, I’ve seen it linked or referenced on a bunch of sites. I think it’s one of a very small group of videos which show what a spasming ball of awesome the 60s Batman series was.

  4. Shouldn’t that be Buzzy, post-retirement Dan Marino, Duke and Some Hot Girl?

  5. It’s always amazing when a hot girl that looks like she’s from our era shows up in some old show when the standards were way, way different. Time traveling babes?

  6. On the last picture… is that Simon Cowell from American Idol behind Gordon and O’Hara?

    My mind just broke.

  7. The Commissioner’s look in that last picture is priceless.

    I want Batman on DVD.