8-Bit Comics: Ten Super-Heroes Reimagined as NES Classics



Not a lot of people these days are aware of it, but back in the pre-ISB days, when sprite comics roamed the earth like the mastodons of 2004, one of the ways I taught myself PhotoShop was by goofing around with NES sprites — SNES sprites being way too complex for my limited artistic skills. And now, all that digital doodling has paid off with an article on ComicsAlliance where I bring you 8-Bit Versions of Your Favorite Comics!

This one was probably more time-consuming than it looks — you pretty much have to go in and redo the sprites pixel-by-pixel — but it was fun, and while the Batman you see above looks pudgy, I am inordinatley proud of how well I turned Bowser into Bane.

My favorite, though, is the Punisher one. Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “8-Bit Comics: Ten Super-Heroes Reimagined as NES Classics

  1. I laughed my ass off for most of these, especially the Punisher one. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t “It’s Bears,” but that would be pretty hard to throw into River City Ransom.

    Or, you know, any game that isn’t Red Dead Revolver.

  2. At first I thought the Cerebus one was gonna be the best, but you did such a great job on the Punisher that it just put the rest to bed. Good job saving it for last.

  3. I would play all of these so hard. Especially X-Men, just so I could drama Apocalypse to death.

  4. I’m flat-out dumbfounded someone pulled out the “you forgot” card on this. Easily my favorite thing you’ve done, you’d think think people would realize in this case “you forgot” would translate to “Oh hey I just thought about this after seeing your article so my idea is derivative of your concept but I wanna seem smart on the web.”. But what do I know about partying or anything else.

    Kudos sir.

  5. Dude — and I don’t use that colloquial pseudo-neo-“brah”some pronoun lightly — I’ve followed this website for a hot minute, quietly, and this… this!… is truly great work.

  6. The more I think about it, the more I really want Marvel to rip you off and release a collection of games in this style, like those retro arcade port comps. I mean, just as a collection of mini games it would be a must buy. I say this as a guy who’s played the Pitfall sequence in Ultimate Alliance an unhealthy number of times, but still; they really ought to call you on this one.

  7. You didn’t like the first Batman game for NES? I mean, it was hard as hell, and kind of fucked up that Batman’s main offense was using a gun, but I thought it was a pretty solid game.

  8. Hellboy in Castlevania would probably be a lot less frustrating. No way he’s getting knocked off a ledge by a mere Medusa head…