The 14 Best Title Cards From Batman: the Animated Series



Lately, I’ve been re-watching Batman: The Animated Series while I work, and I’ve spent more than a few minutes just marveling at the amazing title cards that kicked off each episode. Stylish and distinctive, they were sadly cast by the wayside with the redesign for The New Batman Adventures, but while they were used, they were one of the best elements of a show that was already pretty visually striking.

That’s why today, I’ve rounded up my 14 favorites, today at ComicsAlliance! So take a few minutes to check out some fantastic art this afternoon. You ain’t workin’ anyway!

2 thoughts on “The 14 Best Title Cards From Batman: the Animated Series

  1. For what its worth the book Batman: Animated has a wonderful four page, fold out spread of all of the title cards for the first few seasons. It’s also a great resource for anyone who likes the series.

  2. As I remember, Eric Radomski was (either sole or primary) person responsible for the title cards. I’m with you — I loved them; and while any B:TAS is good, I’ve always like the look before Bruce Timm redesigned the look for the “second series”.