The 7 Most Awesome Moments From Jack Kirby’s Captain America



This week, Marvel is releasing a massive omnibus of Jack Kirby’s 1976 run on Captain America, and while I’m not a fan of the bulky omnibus format (I’ve got the issues in the three trades they put out a few years back), I do love the hell out of those comics. That’s why today, I’m shouting out the seven most awesome, insane, and otherwise Kirbyesque moments from the run, including some extremely accurate predictions of the future.

I mean, sure, Roller Derby might not look like Kirby’s verison, or involve rocket skateboards, or involve, you know, dudes, but it did come back! And that’s all that really matters.

5 thoughts on “The 7 Most Awesome Moments From Jack Kirby’s Captain America

  1. I love the cover to that omnibus. It looks like a giant Cap (with a huge fist as big as his head) is chasing a tiny Falcon whilst also doing the twist and gritting his teeth due to some major back and leg pain. Awesome.

    Almost as good as that picture of Cap fighting Batroc ze Lepair where Cap’s leg is doing something, erm, strange. :)

  2. My copy just arrived. A treat to see all of Kirby’s Cap 70s issues all in one handsome book. Only wish the coloring wasn’t so saturated so it would look closer the the original comics.

    Now I just need time to reread all the issues I haven’t read since they first came out.